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Product review: 'Topeak Dynapack DX' bicycle bag

Aesthetically, i think its beautiful.  Subtle, sleek, and sensible, without flash and frills - i'd rather my personality make up for the latter.  However, the reason for 4 instead of 5 stars is due to the all-too-obvious oversight on the part of the Topeak.

1.  When you attempt to open the top at a full 90 degree angle, it's going to hit the seat - unless you endowed with a high-crotch that is. 

The 'designers' should have, for instance, divided the top into two parts with a 'spine', and have the front 3/4s of it opening up to a full 90 degrees, whilst the remaining back 1/4 would remain closed - whilst giving one the option of zipping that part open if one wanted to. 

Right now, to open it at 90 degrees, one has to bend it against the seat which will just add creases to the product over time.  Unacceptable 'oversight' - which i'd put down to their not being bothered since they've already made a name for themselves and amassed a congregation of loyal fans.

2.  As one reviewer commented, this product has a built in Achilles heel - the suspiciously inadequate bracket.  But, 'thankfully', Topeak has addressed this 'oversight' of theirs by giving us the option of buying our way out of their mistake - as the fixer (7) can be purchased separately.  Reminds me of Apple leaving out the USB slot from the Ipad so that attachments to enable one to use thumb drives can be bought separately.  How nice.

For a price of £60, i would expect the above issues to be non-existent.

Other than the above two, i'd say it is a good bag, and will certainly recommend it, simply because alternatives of this same type without the 'oversights' are difficult to come by.

By the way, thumbs up to ChainReactionCycles for their quick and well-packed delivery.  Will certainly use CRC again.



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