Product review: Cateye vs Ultrafire

I finally got the Ultrafire 501b in the mail today and what a shock it was when it came to the difference between the vaunted Cateye and the Ultrafire (have to give credit to the Chinese for the latter.  Might force a rethink on the part of Cateye.)

I hope no idiot is going to say, 'well, the Catye is a bicycle light, and the Ultrafire isn't'.

It shouldn't make a difference since both are lights, both use bulbs, and both can be fitted on a bicycle - i've fitted mine with a 'universal adjustable bicycle mount'. We shouldn't be paying far more for far less light just because the Cateye has a built-in mount for the bike right. 

Universal Adjustable Bicycle Mount (£3.39)

ed's review of the Cateye hl-el220 on,

If you're thinking this is going to significantly light up the path ahead of you where there are minimal street lights, its not. I'd say this light is more of a 'front light indicator' to warn others that they risk getting their poodles run over if they don't heed the incandescent warning from this model.

Rubbish product for a 'front light'. Perfect product if advertised as a 'front light INDICATOR'. You might do better with an Eveready flashlight...which i'm considering;)

Cateye? Must be wearing shades.


Ultrafire 501b and mount purchased online from LumenJunkies -

update:  ultrafire 501b 330 lumens cree torch...& Torch-buying advice

I'm still testing out the 'Ultrafire'.  V (chinese girl from singapore, working in UK) stated, 'It's a china company.  Can't trust.'.  

Well, the problem with me is that i'm inclined to give just about anyone, including the Devil himself, the benefit of the doubt.  The problem with that is you're going to get 9 out of 10 fingers burnt. - especially when you ignore your scientifically honed 'instincts'.  That's the problem with being magnanimous sometimes, or more accurately, 9 out of 10 times;)  But that's what scientists do anyway.  The journey is a most enlightening one, albeit frustrating.  But when such a person finally begins to 'stereotype', you can be quite sure that it is not generally, or 9 out of 10 times, inaccurate.    

The problem with quite a few 'reviews' on the net about the China-made, or 'WaFat-made',  torch, amongst others, is that people generally seem to be dazzled by the brilliance of the light and you can rarely find any information about the run-time of the torch on 'high mode'.  Personally, i tested the above torch and it gave out 'high'  level light for about 10 minutes.  Perhaps that might be sufficient to check for spiders in the closet but it's nothing short of pathetic for anything more than a cycle down to a nearby neighbourhood store for replacement batteries.

Yes.  I tested it out on a lower-rating battery and not the recommended one.  But given that the battery is about 25% or so below the recommended rating, i wouldn't expect more than a 5-10 minute improvement if i was to use the recommended batteries.  I would, however, consider Ultrafire models that take more than a single 18650 battery.  I heard that the Ultrafire 501c holds two 18550 batteries, and has an 'excellant' run-time.  

I wish people would stop using terms like 'great', 'excellent', 'awesome', 'cool', 'wow', etc to describe such things.  It is subjective and means nothing other than one liking it.   The problem with the usage of such terms is that it can only mean 'better than what you're used' to'.  And if you're used to eating shit, then mud would be 'awesome' and 'excellent' in comparison.  But that wouldn't make mud agood in itself for gastronomic engagement would it. Perhaps they're still recovering from being stunned by looking directly into the torch light upon switching it on.(*ed shakes his head in resignation of the stupidity of most of the masses) 

Anyway, if you're considering buying a torch for cycling, and other purposes that require more-than-the-time-it-takes-to-dazzle-the neighbourhood-cat kind of output, don't be fooled by manufacturers who state that it runs for x number of hours.  Just because it runs for, say, an hour, doesn't mean that it is going to give out the same intensity of light for that time.  The light will generally degrade over time.  And be sure to check for the run-time for each mode - i.e. 'high', 'medium', 'low'.  When these capitalist and profiteering gits say 3 hours, they might just mean that it runs for that time provided you're in 'low' mode. 

Alright.  The weather is fine.  Nice blue skies.  A cool 13ยบ.  I'm off to town on my bicycle.  And, thankfully, no need for a torch at this time.