Death Penalty up for Hire in the UK again?

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“The government is facing fresh demands to bring back the death penalty.

Five Democratic Unionist MPs from Northern Ireland have signed a motion calling for a full debate in the Commons on the matter.

More than 23,000 people have signed a government e-petition urging the return of capital punishment, but more than 30,000 have signed a counter-motion rejecting the idea.” - bbc

Well, the ‘anti-death penalty’ movement in the UK has gone slightly past the ‘pro-let’s murder the murderers’ movement.  The former, at the moment, stands at 30, 865 (with ed being the 30, 865th...or thereabouts)

ed’s comment at Martin Shapland’s site (the bloke from the Liberal Democrats who started this petition) goes,

"Whilst i didn't, and won't, vote for the liberal Democrats - as i do not look kindly on parties that attempt to put a human face on the devil (of a capitalist system) - credit to you for starting this petition. But then again, others have as well, but probably do not have as publicised a platform as yourself to promote it.

The death penalty is nothing more than an attempt to exonerate the system and its facilitators from complicity in the evils that it necessarily produces. I have signed it.


Well, this led me to wonder, as i feel that as human beings, we ought to wonder about stuff because, in doing so, we are respecting the efforts of the wonderers of the past whose efforts led to our enjoying what we enjoy today.  Of course, the masses of trend-followers and ‘fans’ today term such wonderers as ‘geeks’.  Well, if history was steered by the likes of the former, we’d still be living in caves.  So, in an effort to not dishonour my wondering ancestors, i do likewise, lest in not doing so, i end up undoing that which they have done, or not make more of that which they have given unto us.

Anyway, with that warranted digression over and done with, the above situation led me to wonder about a few things. 


....this must be quite the PR success for the Lib-Dems.
  I really don’t know what to say about these people.  Are they what Marx and Engels might view as ‘bourgeois socialists’? - people who attempt to make life a little bit better within a capitalist state to the point that they unwittingly maintain the capitalist condition.  I think it’s about time more thought was paid to this subject. 

Bourgeois Socialists, in common lingo, might be paraphrased with, if you’ll pardon my English, ‘half-fuck socialists’, whom, whilst frowning upon the capitalist system, still make efforts to address the evils of capitalism at popular or subsidiary levels, and end up making life within capitalism more palatable to the point that people might cease to have a problem with it.  Their intentions are good, but their bi-focals are fogged up on the upper-half.

Then there are the Lib-Demmers.  They are basically supportive of the capitalist system, but want equality within all classes, and they want movement from one class to another to be fluid and not subject to discrimination on the basis of race, colour, creed, gender, age, etc, etc.  But they aren’t going to take issue with the class system itself.  You could say that they are the western version of Confucians who take the overarching system as a given and push for improvements within its confines. 

Hence, it isn’t surprising that they would front this ‘Petition to retain the ban on Capital Punishment’.  As ed isn’t unintelligent, he, of course, signed it.  But it is a great PR thing for them.  Come up with the petition, get their people to go sign in to up the numbers and hence become more publicised than identical petitions put up by others, and then present themselves as the saviours of humankind.  This may not be their stated intentions, but it is certainly the consequence. 


Now why would there be quite significant support for the death penalty amongst others?  Well, one of the reasons would be the failure of the left to become politically significant. 

Every system puts forth a criteria of evil. Either by presenting itself as the summum bonum of good, by which all that is the inverse is viewed as evil, or by presenting itself as the only natural system possible, by which, all its byproducts are viewed as emerging of its own volition. When the spirit of the Left has been made irrelevant in overarching arenas, people would generally move toward compensation as the dominant system is taken as the norm - its a circular process...this ‘compensation-cum-taking the system as the norm‘ thing.  In other words, can’t get rid of the stink of a backed-up toilet, invest in air fresheners, and shit in the neighbour’s garden. 

When people cease to question about the overarching conditions - due to becoming specifically skilled and generally ignorant via the ‘education’ and class system - that increase the incidence of murder and other crimes, that’s when security companies like ADT can rake in the big bucks, we are told to insure everything from our iphones to our cars, we are told to buy insurance policies that cover 3 generations at one go (like this ad i saw in singapore....that is nothing short of assuring the next two generations that they need not bother about politics because they are protected to some extent from the consequences that emerge from their ensuing apathy), I’d consider getting gates for my house if i was to buy one in the UK, and people would say, ‘an eye for an eye!’ - like the Chinese and Americans do....they aren’t really different from each other actually. 

When you cease to see the system as the father of most evils, you’ll begin to view people as the source of  it.  That’s the way it goes, from the time they used to burn ‘witches’; to the time they used the aboriginals in Australia and Tasmania for target practice, literally; to enslaving the Africans; and you guessed it, to calling for the return of the death penalty. 

Every system puts forth a criteria of evil.  Either by presenting itself as the summum bonum of good, by which all that is the inverse is viewed as evil, or by presenting itself as the only natural system possible, by which, all its byproducts are viewed as emerging of its own volition. 

The third source of the criteria by which evil is determined is by the extent to which the people are thwarted in their attempt to make life within such a system more palatable.  That which does this is viewed as evil itself since the system that promotes it is taken as the norm and beyond question.

So this bloke, Paul Staines, who started the pro-death penalty campaign, and which was answered by a counter movement, is nothing short of a self-absorbed ignoramus, and especially since he terms his campaign, ‘The Restore Justice Campaign’ which can be paraphrased with, ‘i’m ignorant enough to take the system as natural, so in order to get on with life, i’d like to strangle to death its byproducts’.  What a moron.