Why we should boycott the iphone 5

Just imagine, all us consumers getting together and boycotting the iphone 5.  What do you think will be achieved?

The most significant achievement in such an enterprise - going where no mass consumer movement has gone before - is that we’d be able to engender (borrowing Marx’s idea of class consciousness) real consumer consciousness of itself as a class apart from the corporations.  Besides this leading consumers to refuse wearing consumer products that advertises their makers with a ‘brand’ - unless they are paid for it - it would lead to their getting a consciousness of their own power as a class.

Right now.  Consumers are powerless.  They act, seemingly, on their own volition.  They, seemingly, make ‘their own’ choices.  But that is completely untrue of course.  No matter how much you think you do what you do because you want to do it, you’re not.  It is a logical impossibility.  Says who?  Ed of course.  Why?

when you 'choose', it is not going to be between all possible alternatives, but alternatives that are made available.Because when you don’t control the source of your satisfaction, the source controls you by determining your choice via ads, via celebrities your worship fronting them, and most importantly, via the absence of possible and superior alternatives.  So when you 'choose', it is not going to be between all possible alternatives, but alternatives that are made available.  Without a federation of consumers, you’ll be subject to a conspiracy of corporations.  You can say that conspiracy theory, at its heart, appreciates that the absence of true unity amongst humans makes conspiracies at the top an inevitability.  It is only when you aspire to control the source, that’s when you are going to even be bothered to 2nd guess the corporations, scrutinise their actions, and, as a federation of consumers, realise that you can actually control what’s coming up next by your demands, as opposed to requests, begging, hoping, praying, and camping out like an identity-less moron outside of an Apple shop on the eve of some release. 

You don’t need to hope that the ipad 2 has memory card slots.  You don’t need to hope that the next Apple or Orange product will have features that have been out and about for a few years.  In other words, you don’t need to think that you have a choice between variably priced iphones with more internal storage; you don’t need to think you have a ‘choice’ between streaming your files from an ‘iCloud’ or a portable wireless device to your Ipad or Iphone when you can ensure that iphones come with memory card slots so that you can determine the storage capacity yourself. 

Without a federation of consumers, you’ll be subject to a conspiracy of corporations. It is that which negates the idea of true 'choice'.You just have to do it one time.  And the corporations will shudder, and realise that they’d better give you what they can as opposed to giving you through an ‘upgrade’ tomorrow what they could have given you half a decade earlier. 

So what if iphone 5 comes with a memory card slot?  ed would still boycott it so as to send a clear signal to Apple, and that profiteering bastard Steve Jobs and his successor, that they’d better give up first time round what they might intend to give us the 5th time round.  All corporations will learn from this.

Well, i don’t think anyone is going to abide by the above suggestion as you’d like to stand up for your freedom of choice and do what you want - despite it further contracting the arena wherein your choice can be made.  But at least, some enlightened race in the future might look back at the archives of all that was said on the net in the past and realise that there were a few in the dark past whom were enlightened.