‘Too poor to buy clothes, but we still want 6 children’

....went the introductory link to the bbc video, ‘7 billion and counting’.

I have to say, I didn’t like the phrasing of the introductory link.  But then again, the BBC does come across as quite the racist and fascist boghole at times these days. 

Perhaps the equal opportunities policy allows infiltration by members of the British National Party.  (not too long ago, i took issue with a racist comment in the comment section on a BBC page, and was notified that my comment had been removed because it provoked argument or something to that effect.  Prior to that, a grossly xenophobic comment was given the accolade of ‘editor’s pick’ beneath a BBC article (a2ed article) I would really like to meet the ‘editor’ who gave it the thumbs up.  I really would.  Just to say ‘hi’. Nothing more. Promise.

Whilst i still do think the UK is a great country, comparatively speaking, that doesn’t mean that we ought to turn the apathetic cheek in the face of the shite that does exist despite the good.  To do so might just serve to facilitate the encroachment of the former and compromise the latter mightn’t it.

But the truth of the matter is, 'overpopulation' does not always mean 'too many people in too small a place'.
Alright.  On to the issue. 

Let’s get one thing clear.  The reason why some racist and xenophobic gits in the BBC can get away with this sort of statement is not because the Brits aren’t guilty of the same thing in the historical past.  Many Brits reproduced like sweatshops too.  But unlike the Africans in the video, the British elite didn’t shy from sending ships around the globe colonising here and there, and plundering and pillaging these lands for ‘King/Queen and Country’, and thus being able to afford 6 children, or thereabouts - and which is why the current 'Queen' could afford to have 4 kids.  And let's not forget, the so-called 'Queen' Victoria had 9 kids!....all fed and fattened on the direct proceeds of colonial plunder, both foreign and local.  Given that fact, implying irresponsibility on the part of Africans when it comes to reproduction is pretty rich coming from the BBC.

That’s the thing about ‘overpopulation’.
  To the all too common, common mind, it simply means, ‘too many people....people irresponsible....people got nothing better to do but to f*ck.....too poor to afford condoms but still want to f*ck.....don’t want to work but still want to have lots of children.....too poor to buy clothes but still want 6 children.....etc....etc....etc’

But the truth of the matter is, 'overpopulation' does not always mean 'too many people in too small a place'.  Rather, it oftentimes means, these countries not being technologically advanced enough, or greedy enough to rape, pillage and plunder other lands so that they can afford to, um, f*ck with financial impunity’.  It also means that they do not have access to regions that have closed off their borders to them because they want to keep their profits from plunder to those with a 'shared heritage', i.e. the EU. It also means that they might be underdeveloped by 'advanced' 'first world' states by economic 'good business sense' exploitation.  It also means that in these less 'advanced' states, people have a greater sense of 'the family' as they've yet to become 'advanced' enough capitalism-wise to become 'career' and 'consumer' minded.

The ‘great’ thing about capitalism is that in its advanced stage, it tends to reduce people to mindless wheels and cogs within the work space.  That is when work ceases to mean ‘a means to life’ and becomes ‘life’ itself.  Whatever so-called ‘intelligent’ people have to say in rejection of this statement, the fact still remains that these people invest most of the 3 I’s - Interest, Initiative, and Imagination - within the workspace and not without.   That is when ‘work’ becomes a ‘career’.  That is when, when people ask each other ‘what do you do’, it is automatically taken to mean, ‘what is your choice of career’ instead of what you do after work.  That is when men and women might spout nonsense like, ‘you must love me for what i am’ to each other, whilst doing everything in their power to contribute to their companies’ economic erection.  If you aren’t slaving for somebody, or getting others to slave for you, you are a nobody.  Abnormal isn’t it.

Anyway, with people becoming more dehumanised within such an environment, and with increasing financial pressures brought about by their taking the overarching socio-economic milieu as the norm, they tend to want more ‘Smartphones’ in a year than they do children in a lifetime.  The idea of the family weakens with the redefinition of the human being as a worker and consumer.  And quite a few ‘parents’, especially in the west, can’t wait to kick out their kids shortly after they blow out their 18 candles.  And kids, given the weakening of the idea of the family, also ridicule each other for staying with their parents past 18 - you see nonsense like that in american 'comedies' all the time.
Many Brits reproduced like sweatshops too...but the British elite didn’t shy from sending ships around the globe plundering lands for ‘King/Queen and Country’, and thus being able to afford 6 children or more.
Well, there are other factors as well, but it is, partly, within this context that we can began to understand the reproductive and familial proclivities of the Africans cast as irresponsible in the introductory link on the BBC site. 

And we also have to keep in mind the fact that with the economic and military advance of western states (and now, including China as well), thanks to the plunder of foreign lands in the past and present, they are able to maintain the underdevelopment of continuously exploited states.  The BBC isn’t going to be saying anything about how the west and China ‘underdevelops’ Africa, keeps them poor, and hence makes their having kids an ‘irresponsible’ enterprise.  They aren’t going to talk about how their own ‘reproductive responsibility’ is more a consequence of capitalist human underdevelopment.  They aren’t going to talk about how their own population explosion in the past was handled by ripping off other regions throughout the world.  They aren’t going to talk about how their idea of the family has weakened to the point that the family is little more than a factory producing fodder for the corporations of tomorrow.  

The thing is, the 'responsible' out there want to bring the African idea of humanity in line with the capitalist-induced western idea of 'humanity'.  But to do so, they will have to ensure the construction of an advanced capitalist state of affairs in those states.  But to do so, they will also have to stop underdeveloping them.  (All this bullcrap about 'fair trade' coffee beans is pure and unadulterated bollocks.  Most of the money for it still goes into the pockets of the west doesn't it.)   No.  They don't want to do that.  They'd rather put on extremely distressing video ads on the telly asking the workers of their states to donate a couple of quid so that African poverty may be alleviated, and after which, the capitalist hogs can go in and exploit them even more profitably.  But this is going to be an extremely slow process since the workers of the world are never going to have enough to get rid of poverty in certain regions unless they stop paying their stupid over-hyped 'celebrities', politicians, as much as they do.

I don’t think this is intentional though.  When people become underdeveloped enough, they will say and do things that they think is true.  But it is the facts that are relevant but are being ignored that enables the Inquisitors out there to know the basis for their statements and actions.  In this, others are continuously cast as modern equivalents of the 'savages' the west took it upon themselves to 'civilise' in the past.

So, given all of the above, and much more that has been left out of this article - as I do not intend to write a book-length article here - with regards to the BBC article in question, it would be more true to entitle the introductory link with an,

‘We’re not fucked up enough to go plunder and pillage other nations; we have yet to see the family as nothing more than a pastime or reproductive organ of the corporation; we have yet to become duhumanised enough to get more thrill over the latest iPad than the joy of having a true family, but we still want 6 children’.