Is it your arse or your guitar that is environmentally unfriendly?

Are Gibson Guitars Killing the Rainforest?, goes the title of an article on the BBC.

Sometime i think that people tend to want to 'reduce their carbon footprint', or 'save the trees' by taking on major corporations, etc, etc, so as to distract themselves from the bigger problem and their own complicity in it.  

So now we're looking at Gibson's contribution to deforestation so that we, sorry, the 'whites', amongst others, can carry on wiping their arses after flushing out their overpriced 'gourmet' dinners and what-not.  If everyone stops wiping their arse on the planet, every single individual can get a guitar and not see widespread deforestation.  But if everyone wipes their asses and nobody gets a guitar, we are going to see widespread deforestaton.

Same thing goes for all those who must have a goddamn packet of tissue wherever they go.  Some even tot those humongous packs of tissues that if stringed together, can probably be used to string up a person.  I don't understand that.  If something needs to be cleaned, we go to the sink and wash - excluding arses of course.  And if something needs to be wiped, we use a cloth that can be immediately 'recycled' by simply washing it.

For goodness sakes.

Forget the guitars. The ass-wipes are the problem

ed's comment at the BBC site,

Not everyone gets a guitar, but most of the western world, including china, use toilet paper. How many trees are felled just to wipe one single arse from birth to death?

The Indians, amongst others, know that a clean arse needs water, not paper. If not people would be papering themselves instead of showering as often as they do right.

Forget the guitars. The ass-wipes are the problem. - ed