Curry & Crumpets...anyone?


There's much to be said for fusion.

I like things in its original state to appreciate the perspective that produced it, and I also like things in its 'fused' state, to illustrate what a fusion of perspectives looks, tastes. and feels like.  And I also like to fuse my perspectives with that of others so as to create, well, another experience of things.

And it ain't just about food.  It's the perspective, and the promise it holds for cross-application.  Wonder if i'm the first, or one of the few in British history, who has enjoyed Curry and Crumpets.

As for the above experience.  I like the construction of the Crumpet.  It is 'holey' at the top, and which runs through to the base, but not through it.  That enables one to create a nice reservoir of butter within the crumpet, or in this case, curry.  Yummy.

credits: curry made by V (chinese girl from singapore), crumpets by 'Warburton's', fused by...