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VAT reinforces UK class divide...and riotous behaviour

The VAT in the UK is pretty high - 20%.

I’ve been noticing this for a while - When buying my 27inch imac last August, or my novation SL MK II midi keyboard, to considering purchasing a vintage 1938 ‘balance action’ Selmer alto saxophone, or a Ted Brewer electric violin. 

You know, if it wasn’t for multiculturalism, and mass empathy - both of which increases intelligence as it encourages one to put oneself in another’s place, or consider other perspectives - the Brits would be pretty dumb.  I suppose the above significantly helps in alleviating the intelligence-compromising problems created by the VAT and the class divide.  But not completely. 

I have to wonder if most of the rioters would have done what they did if we had put a sax or a ‘magic mouse’ in their hand at an early age. I was saying to ‘V’, that the less privileged classes ought to be given a VAT waiver when it comes to purchasing developmental items from, say, exercise machines, musical instruments, to computer technology (excluding XBox, Playstation, Nintendo, and other such stuff).  An income tax should only be levied on those earning, say, 80,000 quid a year or more.  To tax those whom earn less at the rate of 40% or so basically makes them poor enough to not be able to purchase much developmental stuff. 

How on earth are the poorer classes expected to not churn out rioters, delinquents, people with less intelligence/creativity, etc, if alternative preoccupations aren’t really accessible eh?  Hmmm, so i’d say the Brits have only themselves to blame for the recent riots, and not the rioters.  And those people who suffered the consequences of the riots have only the more privileged, the so-called ‘royalty’, ‘celebs’, the VAT, the Tax system, amongst others, to blame, and not the rioters.  If you don’t get rid of those factors that can be used as mitigating factors in defence of the rioters, you won’t be able to mitigate yourself out of complicity in causing the riots.  Think about that.

I have to wonder if most of the rioters would have done what they did if we had put a sax or a ‘magic mouse’ in their hand at an early age.  Well, on the way to the sax shop in London this past weekend, i couldn’t help noticing the graffiti on the some walls as we approached Liverpool Street Station.  “hmmm”, i thought, “if the VAT wasn’t so high, perhaps, the graffiti wouldn’t be there.”



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