Now that's what i call music: Neil Sedaka, 'Laughter in the Rain'

Oh man.  This song, and his voice, is the sound of spring, whatever the season.  I'm so glad that i grew up to this sort of music.  Lady Gaga type of rubbish, in comparison, is nothing short of child abuse.



  1. Hey,

    What a romantic song! Love the music as well. On the other hand, Lady Gaga's songs are just purely nonsense. Makes me wonder whether she's a pending case in a mental hospital.

  2. "pending case in a mental hospital"..haha. Well, given her popularity, there would be millions worldwide whom would be 'pending' as well. So perhaps, to counter the overcrowding in mental institutions, they probably decided to give such taste the 'all clear'.

    Yes. There were great stuff being produced in the 70s, and with people from all over the world making it as well - unlike now where it is mainly american music which is being promoted and sold worldwide. With so much musical/cultural/perspectival self-absorption, it's no wonder that they are producing rubbish by the bulk. But with kids being malformed from young with overexposure to this 'music', we are set for further musical/cultural/perspectival degeneration.

    Good that the singaporean experience hasn't screwed you up so as to disable you from appreciating it Mark:)


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