Is being ‘anti-semitic’ akin to being ‘anti-fascism’?

“Yossi Klein Halevi, an Israeli author and political commentator, argues that all the Palestinians need to do to get a state is to convince Israelis that this state does not represent a threat.” bbc

Funny thing about these jews.  They got slaughtered by the millions in the Second Western European-instigated war (known less accurately as ‘World War 2’), along racial lines, and thereafter, they moved against the palestinians along racial lines - though they were already starting their plans before that with the Zionist movement started by Theodor Herzl.  I suppose that is why i have no sympathy when it comes to the jewish holocaust. 

Yes.  We’ve seen all those weepy movies about jews getting horrendous treatment in the hands of the nazis, anne frank and all that stuff.  Sad.  Almost.  Until you realise that after the war, they did what hitler did to them, in terms of claiming somebody else’s home as their own, evicting them, and treating them as the problem when they rebelled.  Given that, we could say that the jewish holocaust was, in spirit, a payment in advance for what they were to do to the palestinians after that.  Terrible thought isn’t it.  But if we don’t think about history in such a way, we wouldn’t be disinclined to do unto others that which was previously done unto us.  It’s not nice to feel that the evils done to you were justified by the evils you did after that.  That would reduce the chances of us doing said evils if we were to keep this logic in mind.  The jews obviously didn’t.

Why do i say ‘the jews’, and not just ‘the israelis’.  To say ‘israelis’ is to actually recognise the legitimacy of the israeli state.  They gave someone else land the name ‘israel’, and then we validate their unjust eviction of the other by calling them after the name of their illegitimate state.  That is why they are ‘the jews’ to ed.

Secondly, one might say that not all jews are doing what the jews occupying palestinian land are doing.  True.  But if you keep silent when your people commit such injustice against others, you are actually validating it.  The luxury of saying ‘it’s not my problem’ only exists in a world where separate races don’t exist, or where one race doesn’t do what it does along racial lines.  Once that happens, everyone of that race, whether they are one of the abettors or not, is involved.  Come on.  Don’t people take others to court for slander and libel?  For ‘spoiling’ their name?  Same thing here. 

Haven’t been evicted and mistreated so many times, is the only lesson they’ve learnt to be to do unto others that which they expect global sympathy for when it was done unto them? As for the illegitimate state of israel.  I deem it to be illegitimate not because it is being occupied by jews whom evicted the palestinians, but because they did it along racial lines.  I would fully support a shared state with a government comprising both palestinians and jews.  I’ve had a few discussions online over the years with seemingly sensible and rational jews, but even they took the israeli state as a natural and, like those silly americans, view an injustice as an injustice only when someone else does unto them that which they had earlier done unto others.  Hence, they view palestinian action against the jews as ‘terroristic’, whilst conveniently forgetting all their terroristic actions that  incited such retaliation.  Childish.  Both of them. 

The jews seem to have a very chinese take on things.  They view the existence of difference as a precursor to problems, as far as the ‘israeli state’ is concerned.  For the chinese, as they did for 2000 years, they just assimilate everyone, like the Borg in Star Trek, or keep them to a manageable minority.  For the jews on palestinian land, they just get rid of everyone who isn’t a jew, or keep them to a manageable minority.  Some writers for the UK newspaper, the Guardian, and other’s i’ve had online discussions with, also stated as much - ‘if we live together, it is going to cause a lot of problems’ - and put the blame squarely on the ‘problematic’ or ‘terroristic’ palestinians.  Hence, a separate jewish state was the only way.  I suppose, in such a view, is the realisation that given the wrong they had done in stealing palestinian land, the palestinians would always be deemed as a threat to the jews’s ill-gotten gains.  I’m sure they have a sense of justice, and this sense would always keep them fearing those they stole from.  Hence, one of the causes of jewish fascism. 

As i said in the opening of this article,

“Is being anti-semitic akin to being anti-fascism.”

If we do not learn from history to be better people, then the evils that happened to us in history serves as restitution for the evil we do thereafter. In other words mate, if it is true that what the jews on palestinian land are doing is fascist; and if it is true that they are doing it on racial/religious lines; then they are ‘spoiling’ the name of all jews.  In this event, it is up to the Jews all over the world to stand up and speak against this injustice.  It is only then that we can say that it isn’t the jews whom are a problem, but a section of them whom are occupying palestinian land.  If this is not the case, then, to be an anti-semite, is to be anti-fascism.  It is up to the jews globally to break this slanderous association by their giving the action of the ‘israelis’ the thumbs-down.

destruction of jerusalem, 70 a.d.
I really think that what the jews are doing on palestinian land, or what could potentially be palestinian-jewish land, is terrible.  Not only because of its consequences for the palestinians, but because they are justifying what happened to them in the ‘2nd world war’, their being exiled by the Babylonians in the 6th century BC, and the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in 70 AD  - as Jesus had predicted - by what they did unto the palestinians thereafter.  That is an insult to the memory of those whom met a terrible fate at the hands of all of the above don’t you think.

It is quite tragic.  Having been evicted and mistreated so many times, is the only lesson they’ve learnt to be to do unto others that which they expect global sympathy for when it was done unto them? Looks like they owe their mistreaters in history a 'thank you' for being such good teachers. I'm not saying that this debt of gratitude is owed by them, i'm saying that they ought to ask themselves if they behaving in a manner that justifies said gratitude.

If we do not learn from history to be better people, then the evils that happened to us in history serves as restitution for the evil we do thereafter.  We can’t expect sympathy for that. It is only when we appreciate history in such a manner, that we will be able to ensure that it isn’t repeated.