Mr Bean Goes to Hospital....yawwwwn

"Actor Rowan Atkinson is taken to hospital with a suspected shoulder injury following a crash involving his McLaren F1 super car." - bbc

Most might be focused on poor Rowan and his suspected shoulder injury. Suspected? And that's news?

My focus, unlike the mindless celeb-worshippers out there, was not on his 'suspected shoulder injury', but his 'McLaren F1 super car'.

You really have to wonder after the royalty/celebrity-fellatioing BBC sometimes. The post itself reeks of it.

Rowan Atkinson drove a McLaren F1 super car
to a party held by the Prince of Wales in 1998
They seem to be more interested in his car than they are in him (look at the pic and the caption). And the fact that it is nothing major, just a 'suspected' shoulder injury, and pair that with the caption where he is said to have driven his McLaren F1 super car to some 'Prince' of Wales party in 1998, and we can see that they make a fuss over the slightest shite that celebs and so-called 'royals' go through whilst adding polish to them through their possessions and affiliations.

For myself, as stated above, I was mainly focused on his car....

"Because he drove around in a mini on screen, we have pay him enough to go out and buy a McLaren F1 super car?!"



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