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The experience behind the Beatles’, ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’

I looked at the comments on Youtube, and they ranged from George Harrison 'looking like Jesus’, to ‘what a great song this is’.

Yes.  I think it a fantastic song too.  But i also know that this song is just a watered down version of what the Beatles and George Harrison actually experienced.  This song is just their limited conception, or articulation, of a greater experience, i.e. the metaphysical aspect of Hinduism, and its musical expression through Indian classical music.  The Beatles didn’t better it, they just expressed their limited conception of it - that is limited by their profession, background, and the demands of a market of pop-lovers who aren't trained to be, know, or appreciate better.

So with the guy who said the George Harrison looked like Jesus when he was singing the song, ‘My Sweet Lord’, ed said, ‘You mean he looks like the western version of Jesus don’t you.  It would be more accurate to say that he looked like the Yogis in India.’  Come on, at the end of the day, what are the Beatles compared to, say, Ravi Shankar.  Novices in the art of universal introspection.

take it as a mnemonic or signpost reminding and pointing you toward something greater, as opposed to being the epitome or furthermost reaches of it.
But that doesn’t mean that the Beatles can’t be enjoyed.  But take it as the ‘cartoon’ version of something greater, and go look for it.  Never confine yourself to the experience of musicians.  Let’s not forget that being musicians by profession frequently means that their insight is limited by the language of western-style 'music', and confined to that which can bring in the most sales in the face of a juvenile market with an unhealthy penchant for the immediately gratifying, or/and, that which can serve as a vehicle for youthful vibrancy as opposed to the relatively sedentary musings of the white-haired sage.

Like these songs by all means, but take it as a mnemonic or signpost reminding and pointing you toward something greater, as opposed to being the epitome or furthermost reaches of it.   The beat is certainly inspiring, but it ought to inspire you to greater heights wherein the greater truths lie despite the absence of no sound other than ‘OM’.



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