We need some popular honesty to stop the EDL and Anders-thinkalikes

If i stayed on in the UK for a couple of years more, i’d probably get British citizenship. But if i was to do so, would i be thanking the Brit government, or the British people for according me this status.? Certainly not. Why? Because this country owes me, and all the descendants of those states which Britain, amongst other states like France, Germany, the U.S. Spain, Portugal, etc, colonised.

If you think about it, the EDL, Anders Breivik, and most western neo-Nazi groups are one in spirit with the European Union - keep Europe white, Islam-free, etc. That may not be the latter’s intent, but is indubitably the consequence. It sort of validates the more extreme position of neo-Nazi goose-stepping nobs, in that, they may differ in method, but not in perspective.

don’t just apologise for colonial exploitation of the rest of the world. Acknowledge that you owe its descendants even more than those with whom you have a shared 'heritage'.
But if the rest of the non neo-Nazi population of the EU were to acknowledge that they, and their children, and their children’s children are actually living off the ‘investment’ made in these states via the pillage, plunder, slavery, and slaughter of the peoples of those regions whom are currently seen as ‘alien to British or EU soil’, than neo-Nazis would have little argument to push forth their cause other than their preference for a nostalgic ‘the way things used to be’. And the perspectivally retarded French would think twice about banning the hijab as well.

We have to be a bit practical about this of course.
Britain can’t let in the population of the rest of the world as the economy wouldn’t be able to handle it. But it certainly can’t play favourites and only let in the mainly-white population of the EU either. That would be a gross insult to those who died for ‘King and Country’ but wore turbans whilst doing it. If you want to go that way, than pay back what you took, and which ought to include dividends, interest, etc. That, of course, would reduce every single Brit to abject poverty and living off whatever spuds they can rear in their gardens or window sills - though, this might demand more of British creativity in that the likes of Jamie Oliver would have to come up with 1001 potato dishes in order to keep his celebrated status.

But the point here is, don’t just apologise for colonial exploitation of the rest of the world. Acknowledge that you owe its descendants even more than those with whom you have a shared 'heritage'.  The British, in general, are already most admirable in their egalitarianism, and certainly worthy of emulation globally, but they'll just have to take this final step.  If this principle is appreciated and respected when people invest in companies, I don’t see why it cannot be respected in terms of the investment of others in the colonising states of the past. When this logic gains wider appreciation, the EDL and other neo-Nazi groups will be hardpressed to justify their position.


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