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corpCon: New Mac Mini, paying more for less

I do not own a Mac Mini - anyway, nobody 'owns' anything. You just 'lease it' for its lifespan. Anyway, my 27inch imac serves my home-bound purposes, so no need for that.

But, it seems that my allegations of Apple’s profiteering by the strategy of giving you less for the same price, and making more money off you by making you dependent on online subscription and purchase services, is further borne out by the new ‘Mac Mini’ - see, on Steve Jobs’ iCloud Bullshit and Consumer Social Responsibility.

No built-in DVD drive. Why? See the pic above - source.

If you think about it, this monopolisation of consumer funds has been going on for a long while. For instance, you cannot enjoy a proper Operating System like the Mac OS unless you buy a Mac. You are given less storage space so you have to consider paying for an online storage service like iCloud. With the ipad and iphone, you are not given usb or memory card slots so you’ll have to consider online subscription-based storage or pay more for the privilege of having more internal memory than the cost of memory cards and thumbdrives. Now, these motherhumpers are excluding dvd drives from the mac mini.

They are really doing their utmost to eradicate from human memory those days when storage space and dvd drives, and all alternatives to online storage, were an expected part of the product. Now, computer storage amongst others are becoming the 'alternatives' for which you'll have to pay more. Think about that. And people ought to just focus on how ‘sleek and sexy’ apple products look and not think 'too much'. You can be sure that others are going to be following suit.

When I look at the apple logo these days, it is beginning to resemble more like the consumers’ butt with a large chunk bitten off by Steve Jobs and his bourgeois buddies.



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