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How they should end the Alien/Predator Series

Whilst I was watching ‘Predators’ last night, I was thinking that the best way that this series might be ended, which itself can be a start of another series, is to add meaning to the reason why the ‘Predators’ keep going around picking fights with various species. How?

Let all these challenges be a preliminary test-run leading up to a conquest of all the planets from whence the ‘test-subjects’ were taken from in preceding movies. So taking on individuals from various planets teaches them about the weaknesses and strengths of the various species so as to maximise their chance of victory in the final conquest.  That would add meaning to the previous Predator movies that makes it more than a 'slasher' 'Friday the 13th/Scream' style of movie with a costume change.

And we can also have the humans playing the Predators and Aliens against each other as the Predators try to conquer the earth in order to increase their chances of survival.  Perhaps an alliance between Humans and Predators, or even Humans and Aliens. Or we can have Sigourney Weaver back to help produce a race of Human-Alien hybrids to battle both the Aliens and Predators.  And then, once the Predators are defeated, we can have a final showdown between Humans and Aliens, or maybe Humans might switch sides and join up with the Predators midway.

But they shouldn’t make it into just one movie. Perhaps a t.v. series, or another set of films.

(the term, ‘franchise’ to refer to a set of films is quite nonsensical as that’s not what franchise means - check the dictionary. ‘Series’ would be more sensible. But I suppose the word ‘franchise’ makes it sound grand, and therefore more desirable. And the user of such a word in reference to mostly silly movies can think himself very cultured and intelligent as well; To question the meaning of the words we use is the first front in resisting corporate/elite control. Orwell was quite the visionary in his appreciation of this point in his 1984’s ‘newspeak’.)

Well, I’ll leave my thoughts on the matter at that. I suppose it is having such thoughts that puts the ‘E’ in ‘Entertainment’ for me. To be part of a movie, in terms of critiquing it, picking out all those little errors, plot-holes, or coming up with more plots enables us to get up from a sitting as more than when we sat down. I dislike going through any experience without emerging from it a tad bit more smarter, creative, or radical. I’m sure the lame-brained ‘i’m shutting off my mind and let the movie do the thinking for me’ would disagree.



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