Cut DVD ‘extras’ please

I would associate those Dvd ‘extras’ we get when we purchase Dvd ‘Box Sets’ with brand patches on, um, branded goods. Personally, i find these ‘extras’ a waste of time and only for, well, people who don’t have a life.

Well, now that i’ve pissed off half the people on the planet, let’s get on with the reasons why i’d rather do without the ‘extras’ and have them sold separately for the no-lifers out there. As I said above, they’re just like brand patches, i.e. nike, prada, etc, and, as I previously wrote, ought to be sold at a separate counter for those who like to feel that they’re big shots just because they can shell out anything from 10$ to a couple of thousand dollars for these patches which they can then stick on their accessories and garments and turn them into ‘pradas’, ‘nikes’ and apples. If you think about it, if brand patches were sold separately, manufacturers would have to focus on producing quality products as opposed to relying on overpriced brand patches which idiotic, identity-less consumers might buy to get a sense of vicarious significance. And they would have a difficult time justifying the prices for these un-branded goods when one might be able to find cheaper copies of it that


The thing is, would we be paying as much for Dvd box sets if these ‘extras’ weren’t included? Are we getting less episodes per disk because of these ‘extras’? Are we being charged more per box set or season because the number of disks in these sets are higher due to the inclusion of these ‘extras’ - thus 'justifying' a higher price. In this sense, ‘extras’ seem more like people having to pay ‘extra’ for stuff that is not an essential part of the collection. Well, to some, these extras might be essential, but what everyone will certainly agree on is that the episodes are more essential than the extras. No one is going to say, ‘well, this 10-episode series might not have episode 4, 5 and 6, but it’s alright as it has lots of extras’ right?
The thing is, would we be paying as much for Dvd box sets if these ‘extras’ weren’t included?
Frankly, i find lots of these commentaries on the meaning of these shows, or what the character was feeling at particular points silly.
I mean, this isn’t Shakespeare mate. If you have to explain the depth and meaning of what the person is feeling in an ‘extra’, then the actor is either not doing a good enough job in acting it out so that it doesn’t need to be explained, or you’re just explaining what’s already been acted out adequately, or the script is rubbish in coming out with the dialogue and camera action required to bring it out.

That’s why i always found it ridiculous that ‘blockbuster’ movies or series come with commentaries and etc that, in trying to explain the obvious, basically tries to make it more than it is when it is not. Gives one a false sense of the show’s significance. Other than how certain effects were created, the other commentaries are for people who want to feel that they’ve watched something really significant because it is deemed to be deep enough to have a after-show commentary. When it comes to after-show commentaries, i’d say that commentary on how the show insults our intelligence, or how it could be improved, etc, etc, would be more appropriate.

So, putting aside those who need these ‘extras’, the rest of us do not require these ‘extras’ and don’t feel that we have to pay extra for the privilege of being told how Scully (X-files) or Loralei Gilmore (Gilmore Girls) were feeling in this or that scene (yep, I purchased both sets a week ago. I really like Gilmore Girls actually.). It is either already illustrated in her acting, or she isn’t acting good enough to bring it out, or the viewer is one of those idiots who needs someone to tell her/im how this or that character was feeling at that time. And for goodness sakes, it’s not like 99.9% of these shows have such great depth that it requires an ‘extra‘ commentary to explain it. For those who want that, they can always buy an additional disk for that. I don’t see any reason why the rest of us with more than half a brain ought to be subsidising those who want these ‘extras’ because they are accustomed to letting the TV do the thinking for them.

It would be interesting to see how many people would actually buy these ‘extras’ if they were sold separately. I wouldn’t be surprised if sales were so bad that the producers would decide to do away with it completely.