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Like I said in the aforelinked article, doing away with memory card and usb slots in the iphone and ipad; doing away with the optical disc drive in the new Mac Mini (see the image above); keeping storage space low on the iphone and ipad; expecting people to pay more for built-in storage for prices higher than equivalent thumb drives and memory cards, Apple is herding more Apple users to the Itunes store and the upcoming iCloud.

Steve Jobs and his bourgeois cronies are really, as the americans would say, and which is certainly apt in this instance, 'stiffing' the masses, and setting the standard for other companies. It seems that Apple is like the market researcher/trainer for all corporations researching reactions and training the market to focus on immediate gratification so that they can stiff them for more, for less.

I decided to check out the price of a particular product on the iTunes store via my, um, ITunes music player, vs. Just take a look below mate.

iTunes Store

See what I mean.

I won't be surprised if the market price for Dvds in future will be set by the price of Dvds, etc, on the iTunes store. After all, if people are stupid enough to pay these prices in iTunes, and if there are enough purchases, than we might see a rise in Dvd prices, amongst others. Perhaps not to the price level in the iTunes store, but higher than what it might be without iTunes store movie downloaders spoiling the market - like all those morons who pay lots of money for 'designer' products who thus encourage the corporations, retail stores, etc, to charge lots for little. (who are these idiots who buy these Ted Baker spectacles. An acquaintance was boasting about his 'enamel' Ted Baker spectacles, and I basically told him that my toilet is made up of more enamel than his spectacles and costs far less.)

Apple is like the market researcher/trainer for all corporations researching reactions and training the market to focus on immediate gratification so that they can stiff them for more for less.
But it's not like this hasn't been going on for a while with iTunes amongst others. I wrote a couple of years ago, that downloading music via iTunes, amongst other stores, is a big time rip-off. You aren't getting the hard copy, you're not getting a high quality file as you're getting severely compromised mp3 files and not the 'wav' files that come with CDs. I know, people might say, 'hey, I don't need the hard copy, or high quality 'wav' files as the mp3 sounds good enough. So stop talking this shit!' But it is they whom have confused their assholes for their mouths because, if they were to think further than required to wear jeans below their butts, they would realise that given the lower quality and the absence of a hard copy, the prices of downloadable music should be far less. Same goes for the above, 'Gilmore Girls season 1'. No hard copy; and i'm not sure if the quality is identical to the Dvd; no retail store to store the product; no staff to hire to sell the product; no shipping costs; no warehouse costs.....

But, people, sorry, idiots, still went for it, and hence, today, the Corporations are going even further by restricting the means via which we might transfer our music to our devices, and also restricting the space on our devices so that we might subscribe to online storage services. And less sub-normal individuals such as ed have to sit here and be served up the same fare because the rest of the mass of consumers have confused shite for appetisers.

So think people. It doesn't require one to be more than an animal to work, reproduce, wither and die. But it takes humanity to ensure that the world we leave our progeny is the best that it can be as opposed to it being confused for the best because we have allowed ourselves to be dumbed down enough to not know better.

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