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corpCon: Is Lovefilm screwing Royal Mail and You

note: you may think that this has got nothing to do with you if you aren’t or weren’t a Lovefilm subscriber. But it is still relevant all the same when you consider how ‘good business sense’ is not dissimilar to ‘dishonesty’, ‘misinformation’, and ‘cunning’.

In that, studying the ‘good business sense’ of one company is an effort to protect oneself from the ‘good business sense’ of governments, corporations - and in ed’s case, my ‘friends’ as well - globally.’ Consumer awareness is a part of Political awareness. Shirk one, and you’ll become an easier victim in the other. Principles are cross-applicable. “Ignorance may be bliss, but it doesn’t absolve you from its consequences.” - ed.  So read on.

Well, here’s the story. There were a couple of times when I didn’t get a particular dvd a few days after they were allegedly ‘dispatched’ by Lovefilm - i say ‘allegedly dispatched’ because of proof that that they are lying about that every now and then.

Then when i wrote to them to complain about that, they immediately sent me a notice stating that they would notify Royal Mail whom will send me a form which i’ll have to fill up so that Lovefilm can make a claim with Royal Mail. If i don’t fill in that form, they’ll charge me 10 quid (GBP) for it.

Then, both times, i received the disk the next day. Coincidence?

So what is Lovefilm up to?

It is obvious from the above that Lovefilm never sent out the disk, and only did so after i complained. But in order to shift the blame to Royal Mail so that they don’t look bad, they first send out the notice to me about filling the form so that they can make a claim with Royal Mail, and then immediately dispatch the disk to me so that it would seem like Royal Mail is just slow in delivering.

But then, this got me thinking.

Why the 10 quid charge? It’s not like the disk is worth 10 quid is it? Many new dvds can be purchased in Amazon uk for under 10 pounds. Many even go for less than 5 quid. And don’t forget, the dvds that might be lost are 2nd hand. So they should be worth even less shouldn’t it. But people are being charged first hand prices for 2nd hand products. And if Lovefilm is claiming this same amount from Royal Mail, then Royal Mail is certainly being screwed. And how do we know that they aren’t buying 2nd hand disks themselves whilst charging us or Royal Mail first hand prices. And as Amazon and Lovefilm are joined at the hip, they will be getting charged less than consumers, if they are charged at all that is.

And another thought was,

...when Lovefilm sends out the disks which are later said to be lost, is there a record on the side of Royal Mail indicating that the disks have truly been sent out? If not, what’s stopping Lovefilm from replenishing its old and damaged stocks of dvds, or just making claims for nothing - and making a profit from overcharging Royal Mail or the customer for these dvds - by making false claims signed by customers for disks that Lovefilm might never have sent out in the first place. I don’t fancy being an unwitting part of Lovefilm’s possibly dishonest agenda. But if i don’t sign such a document, i’m charged 10 quid. A 'fine' for not being an unpaid co-conspirator. What checks are in place to ensure LF doesn’t do this? But then again, it’s not like this is not a daily part of our lives within this socio-economic milieu. Look carefully. You’ll find it all around.



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