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All this whining for winehouse

Music world mourns loss of Amy Winehouse’. ‘Amy joins iconic stars who died at 27’....etc, etc. etc.

Just because she died at 27 like Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, and Janis Joplin, doesn’t make her the same calibre mate.

Now the aforementioned, they’re good. I especially like Jim Morrison with his depth, poetry, philosophical views, etc. The Doors made really great ‘psychedelic’ music. But Amy Winehouse, well, it’s what i call music of the ‘ho hum’ genre. No big deal. Especially since quite a bit of her singing style was just a copy of the kind of styles reminiscent of the 50s and 60s - which i particularly like. When I watched some of her music videos and so on, i couldn’t help wondering if those kiddies cheering for her would actually have albums by Dean Martin, or the ‘Rat Pack’, along with others doing the same styles in their collection. If not, then we can put down all this whining for Winehouse to being ‘star-struck’ as opposed to really knowing what good music is.

And as for her boozing and drugging herself to death, and how many are viewing it as a tragedy, this is what i’ve got to say,

Well, i'll leave you with some good music. Idiots call it 'easy listening', i call it art. A term which i can use for the Rhiannas, Gagas, Winehouses, Shakiras, etc, out there. As for those who might say, 'well boy, it's just a matter of taste'. No mate, it's a matter of maturity. Good day.



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