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ed supports General Strike UK 2011

The following is ed's response to a comment on Youtube criticising the irresponsibility of teachers for their strike action in today's General Strike.


So striking is an effective way of teachers getting what they want!
Why is it necessary to take action which adversely affects the children? Why not organise yourselves to take action on a weekend?

When the country is in financial trouble I fail to see why teachers should be wrapped in cotton wool....we are all suffering with our savings plans....what makes you lot any better than the rest of us?


To do it on the weekend is akin to striking at home after work. It isn't felt by the powers-that-be who rely on the smooth and 'responsible' functioning of the schools to supply a compliant workforce for the morrow. The kids are 'adversely affected' when teachers do as you suggest as they are thus taught to grumble in their freetime to compensate for getting screwed in their worktime. If you're suffering, then join in. Don't expect others to join you in your silence.


This is a paradoxical situation where the ‘irresponsibility’ of teachers in their General Strike action teaches students to be responsible for their futures by not taking as the norm the burden that falls upon them from up high. If we aren’t going to hold the government accountable, then the people are left with no option but to hold each other accountable, and which they’ll practice via mutual exploitation, alienation, and opportunism, to get around top-down pressures.

Of all lessons in the curriculum, this is the most important.



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