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ed smacks singapore 'Indian's' rant against Indian nationals

The following is a response to a SG 'Indian's' xenophobic rant against foreign Indian nationals working in Singapore. Ed's response follows the excerpts below"
First and foremost, your English is horrendous. It should be “reading TRE FOR some time now”. It should also be “for this place and its people”....

...I find it strange that you say they(Indian nationals) are living here against their choice, but are so keen to apply for jobs that would require them to work and live here.

...In addition, most of you have no intention of staying here, and send most of your money back home. There is no loyalty to Singapore, and even though he is my cousin, he is just being a parasite feeding off the benefits that Singapore has to provide to him, so that he can have a better life when he returns back to India.

...The only real income that Singaporeans gain from foreigners is through rental income. However, rental income is only provided to those who are already well off in Singapore, and can own more than one home. Therefore, I am still not certain how foreigners in Singapore stimulate the economy when Indian nationals are such misers.

...I have seen Indian nationals try to rush for their PR applications simply because it will make it easier for them to transition to the US, UK or other places where they can earn even more. The truth of the matter, whether you like it or not, is Singapore is just a stepping stone for most of you. - from the fascist-scum site, Temasek Review.

Your logic is nonsensical mate.

Just because Indians nationals apply for jobs in singapore doesn’t mean that they love living in SG.

It means, in the least, that they are trying to make ends meet or get a job that suits their qualifications. As an Indian saying goes, ‘when the lion is hungry, it might even eat grass’, but that doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t rather hang out in other climes where it might not have to eat grass. Analogously, with regards to local Indians, my Indian friends who migrated, prior to that, also applied for jobs, but not because they loved SG, but because they’d yet to find a way out, or were attempting to get some job experience before they’d qualify for jobs and migration overseas.

Anyway, I wouldn’t say that local Indians live in SG against their choice. Some do, and some don’t. But at most times, it is resigned helplessness-cum-underdevelopment that keeps quite a few around. And as for those whom do, you’ll have to look at the degree to which racism, political oppression, ‘majority’ apathy, amongst others, play a part in their sticking around against their will.

As for Indian nationals, I’ve spoken to quite a few of them and they have said that they see singapore as a place to make money, but would rather not live in Sg permanently as they do not like the culture. One bloke even said that the women don’t know how to behave with their boozing and flaunting. And he didn’t like the way people just took injustice without question. He found it ‘too chinese’ and preferred to go to the U.S. - which I think many aspire to.

Confucian societies are run by the best of minds confused for being the ‘best of minds’ simply because everyone is busy mindlessly following them.

That is Confucianism mate. In such a situation, talent is rare, and the people will be too debilitated perspectivally to recognise it even if it bit them on the prostate.

Secondly, you state that ‘no singaporean is against true talent’. That is nonsense.

Singaporeans don’t know what ‘talent’ is. You forget, not being much of a talent yourself given your illogical nonsense, that Confucian societies are run by the best of minds confused for being the ‘best of minds’ simply because everyone is busy mindlessly following them. The chinese are well-known for hating to be challenged, are threatened by difference and intelligence, and love having yes-persons around them. Anyone who doesn’t fit the bill and discounted via an ‘this one cannot control one’, ‘this one ask too many questions’, ‘this one very chong hei’, ‘this one trouble-maker’, ‘why complain so much, just do’, ‘don’t think so much, just do’. Sounds familiar?

That is why they are averse to employing people whom have even a modicum of independent critical and analytical capability. They are 'nepotistic' in their organisations employing people whom behave like ‘family’ and give loyalty instead of constructive critique. And if you can prove them wrong, you’re finished. I speak from a lifetime experience, and my Chinese mate, Vanes, who has held pretty high positions of authority in China, HK, Singapore, amongst others, frequently complains about this herself. Of course, if you’re a half-baked privileged ‘Indian’, you wouldn’t see it. If you think about it, the opposition, the government, and all levels of chinese society is run via this logic. That is Confucianism mate. In such a situation, talent is rare, and the people will be too debilitated perspectivally to recognise it even if it bit them on the prostate. It is a psychological condition, not a racial one, brought about by the socio-cultural-economic system. Singapore is certainly a classic case in point. Read 2000 years of Chinese history and philosophy, like I have, and you’ll see what i mean.

Thirdly, forget criticising the Indian national on his language. Only idiots focus on that instead of the points raised. Your own language wouldn’t qualify for ‘the Queen’s English’ either mate. But i’m looking at your points, not your delivery.

Singapore makes quite a bit from foreign nationals, and not only through rental mate.

They make money from the lower cost of production as many foreigners are exploited more. Money is also made through agents both foreign and local. At the end of the day, it is the company that is making quite a bit - and through them, the government, if the government doesn't have a share in some of these companies themselves. What singaporeans have to do is seek a more equitable distribution of what is made. I’m not saying that we ought to be another Rome where foreigners and slaves did the work and made the money and Romans just ‘enjoyed’ life - as it once was in history. But a more equitable distribution of wealth would solve quite a few problems.

Why on earth should foreigners ‘be loyal’ to singapore?

What choice do the people have when their opportunism is mirrored in most they encounter? If one didn't behave as if SG was a 'stepping stone', then given its self-centred climate, this stepping stone would become their 'headstone'. A culture of 'dog-eat-dog' makes that prudential don't you think? I'm not justifying it.
They are just here to make money and be exploited for it. What’s wrong with that? They didn't take the oath and aren't citizens are they? And even if they were, do you think the country is ‘loyal’ to its citizens in terms of bringing about egalitarianism? Do you think the people are empathetic toward each other? Do you think that foreigners are not being grossly exploited in singapore? Aren’t the locals themselves parasitic toward everyone taking advantage of each other from the Economical Rice store that puts some meat on your plate and then spend some time taking some of it off; or giving you less than bowl of rice; or screwing you by keeping quiet about upgrading fees that you might have to pay when you purchase their flat; or try to pay you for your big favour with a cheap cup of tea; or sit back in apathy because the majority aren’t as marginalised like the ethnic minorities; etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, ...... So it isn't 'parasitic' when locals do unto each other as might do foreigners?

Yours is blind Confucian loyalty that is devoid of the empathy and egalitarian mindedness that is required to justify loyalty. You’re an ‘Indian’? Dei baderwa, don’t make me laugh. Wouldn’t you go work in a company that offers more than another? Does that make you a disloyal parasite or a prudent individual. Whether it’s another company or another country, it’s the same principle. Xenophobic twats like yourself, the goose-stepping primates running TR, and its discomfortingly large congregation of fans wouldn't appreciate that.

Singapore has indeed turned out to be a stepping stone given its apathetic climate. And I'm not just talking about foreigners but locals whom have used the heads of other locals as a stepping stone toward self-aggrandizement. Hell! It's not even safe to cycle on the roads as they don't even see you because their car is relatively bigger. Anyway, what choice do the people have when their own self-centred opportunism is mirrored in most they encounter? If one didn't behave as if SG was a 'stepping stone', this 'stepping stone' would become their 'headstone'. A culture of 'dog-eat-dog' makes that prudential don't you think? I'm not justifying it. Rather, given the people's arrogant unwillingness to engage in any modicum of critical introspection, they have brought this upon themselves.

Complain about the government? How different are you from them in your dealings with each other. Taking advantage has become culture - inevitable when political apathy and top-down exploitation is taken as 'like that one lorrr'. It is only the helpless whom have no alternative, or those whom gain at the expense of the helpless, whom have any reason or have no choice but to be ‘loyal. But then, it is not a matter of choice, but a matter of being trained to not want more, or have more at the expense of everyone one meets, or be stuck with protecting the only reality one is accustomed to. Before you criticise foreigners, take a look in the mirror.

When you don’t recognise all of the above points, it is xenophobia that inspires what you have say. A non-xenophobe would reflexively have considered all or at least some of the above.

And having the title, ‘Singapore Indian rebuts Indian national that they are real ‘talents’ is merely an effort to rally the local Indians around the xenophobic cause. Indians, historically, have rarely ever been xenophobic. Thank the Gods for that. Anyway, it isn’t a ‘rebuttal’. Rather, it attempts to be one but falls flat on its face given its illogical and un-objective approach.



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