CorpCon: Mac OSX Lion....gimmicky rubbish

It’s a bit of a con this OSX Lion thing.

I’m currently using an iphone 3gs - my first and last iphone - and i see that quite a few styles on the iphone are being transported onto the upcoming Mac OSX. The thing is, Mac OSX Leopard was unveiled on June 8th 2009. The iphone 3gs was introduced at the same time.

The question is, why is it only now that the features that were on the iphone 3gs at that time being put into Lion now? Apple was already doing it with the iphone then, so they could have done it with Snow Leopard then as well. This is what i termed, ‘the commodification of shortcomings’ sometime ago. In other words, selling a product with features that were held back in an earlier product.

Well, never mind. How about some of the rest of the features. (watch the above vid first so you'll know what i'm referring to in the following.)

First thing this bloke from apple talks about is the ‘appstore’. I don’t see why people should be paying for a shopping cart feature. That should be included in a update, for free. Of course, if you’re one of those people who get a thrill out of ‘Angry Birds’ and other such games fit for those with an IQ just below that of a chimp, i’d understand if you don’t appreciate that point.

Perhaps Apple look at the popularity of particular apps - like 'angry birds' - to figure out how moronic you are so that they can determine what shit you'll buy.
As for ‘launchpad’, that’s pretty useless. Unless you’re using lots of applications on the mac, it is quite tedious to trawl through page after page of applications looking for the one you want. You might as well use ‘spotlight’ to get to what you want, or put a shortcut link to the applications folder into the dock and look through that, or apple could just do another ‘spotlight’ function specifically for apps. This is just a ‘gimmicky’ feature that makes you think it is ‘cool’ simply because you’re accustomed to using it on your iphone. ‘Hey! I can do on my mac what i can do on my iphone!’ So what? It's this cheap and pointless thrill that Apple is relying on. Perhaps Apple look at the popularity of particular apps - like 'angry birds' - to figure out how moronic you are so that they can determine what shit you'll buy. The point is whether it of significant help on the mac that should be the point.

As for the launchpad folder organisation, another iphone feature. Not really useful unless you’re using lots of apps of different types. What’ i’d prefer is an extended dock where applications are divided into rows and you can place shortcuts to various software of a similar type on each row. This dock can be hidden until you move your cursor to the side of the screen whereupon the extended dock slides out.

I do like the full screen view. But I think you can already do it with the current ‘pages’. Not too sure about the PDF, etc, as I don’t use it often.

As for ‘gesturing’ from one app to another, pointless as we can already do it via ‘minimising’ the application into the dock. That way, i’m able to see immediately what’s open in the dock. In Lion, we need to access ‘mission control’ to do this. Why all that when we can just see what’s open in the dock? Or perhaps another row in my extended dock suggestion where we can see what’s open. And unless you’re running quite a lot of memory, you wouldn’t have that many applications open simultaneously anyway.

So much for OSX Lion. Gimmicky, pointless updates which are just another version of what we already have with Snow Leopard, and Iphone features that could have been stuck in with Snow Leopard when it came out, or left out with little impact on efficiency.

All that said, i’d recommend the mac to anyone. I migrated to apple (imac 27inch) in december 2009 after 10 years of tinkering with Windows that just never worked right. Unless you’re doing simple things with it. your computer, Mac is the sensible way to go. Runs really well, smoothly, have had only 1 crash shortly after I purchased it - none thereafter, can kill off unresponsive applications with ease and without hanging the system, runs all my ‘heavy duty’ applications like Photoshop, Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro well and without problems, etc, etc, etc.

With Windows, you’ll only think it’s great if you’ve already developed your own ‘culture of compensating’ for its deficiencies like going and making a coffee or taking shit whilst waiting for it to start up and resolve some problem, do defragging, run anti-virus, etc, etc, etc. And I don’t see why one has to pay hundreds for a rubbish OS anyway. With Snow Leopard, you get one OS - no nonsense like ‘home’ or ‘ultimate’ versions - for like $40-50 bucks. And it’s far better than Windows in terms of stability, fluidity, and logical and intuitive organisation of information. But my love affair starts and stops with the mac. When it comes to the iphone and ipad, no way. No memory card slots enables them to up the price of the lowest version because there are higher versions. Think about that. There, apple screws you. It doesn’t matter if your asshole is big enough for you not to feel it. You’re getting screwed all the same. As i’ve said for quite a while, Ignorance may be bliss, but it does not absolve you from suffering the consequences of it.



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