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CorpCon: Here’s Proof that when Lovefilm says ‘dispatched’ or ‘at home’, it can be a blatant lie

[the Corpcon series of articles is not simply a 'rant' about particular companies but an exercise in the art of detecting Corporation Cons. Perspectives and formulae are cross-applicable. Detecting CorpCons is a way of honing one's skills in detecting flaws and discrepancies in the overarching and more challenging socio-economic milieu].

Here, finally, is conclusive proof.

On the 28th of May, i received an email stating that 3 movies - Face, Shaun of the Dead, and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels - has been sent.

A day after the email, I checked my LF account and found the 3 aforementioned titles were listed as ‘AT HOME’. In other words, LF might be assuming that I had already received my titles. The important point here is that if they are listed as ‘AT HOME’, then LF can of course be supposed to have most certainly sent them right.


On the 31st of May, I received another email from LF stating that one of my movies has just been dispatched. It was Quadrophenia.

Hmmm....i thought. Are they sending me a 4th film?

I went to my LF account and found that my ‘AT HOME’ list has been changed. ‘Face’ was replaced by ‘Quadrophenia’. I do not have a screenshot of the 'at home' list which shows the 'Face' instead of 'Quadrophenia' as i didn't expect not to receive them. But the emails above serves as proof in its place.

In other words, when the discs were listed as ‘dispatched’, and later, ‘AT HOME’, they weren’t even dispatched. I just received, through my window from the postie - who always hands me my mail from the window as i sit in front of it at my desk, and we exchange some pleasantries.....nice - 3 discs - Quadrophenia, Shaun of the Dead, and Lock, Stock and 2 smoking barrels.

I’ve always suspected that LF sometimes delays shipment, or dispatches them on separate days, so as to ensure that we receive less dvds in a month than we otherwise would. As i had stated in a previous CorpCon article, when i upgraded from 2 dvd a month to 3 dvd a month package, the number of dvds i received were almost the same as my earlier package due to their staggering dispatches. This happened both times that i upgraded, and approximately a month after upgrading.

Another possibility in this situation is that the title was listed wrongly. In other words, they wrongly input ‘Face’ instead of ‘Quadrophenia’. If so, I have to wonder why they only discovered it the night before i received them (31st of May instead of 28th May).

When you put this together with the fact that one generally receives dvds the day after the email from LF that tells us that they’ve dispatched it, and that I received all 3 dvds today after they sent me an email yesterday evening that they had just dispatched ‘Quadrophenia’, then we can very plausibly assume that all 3 dvds were sent yesterday and not on the 28th of May as they had claimed. This vindicates my earlier claim that LF staggers dispatches - as experienced under the 3 dvd plan - and that their attempt to blame Royal Mail for late deliveries is not always warranted.



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