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BBC does PR for Clegg

The BBC really does suck up to the toffs in society.

Not only does it give prominence to ‘celebrities’, as opposed to activists for instance, but it bangs on about when the last time that privileged plonker, ‘prince’ william, scratched his arse, or how Nick Clegg is oh so upset about how people perceive him; or how his son keeps asking him why the students are angry with him, or how he ‘cries regular to music’. - bbc

Miss out anything else, BBC? Perhaps he used up a box of tissues whilst watching ‘Pretty Woman’; or maybe he has a poster of Lady Gaga on the wall; or maybe he wears fluffy bunny slippers in the house; or maybe he sticks out his pinky whilst drinking port from a glass? So Clegg says, ‘I’m not a punchbag’, as if he is being victimized here. You’re right Clegg. You’re not a punchbag. The people are.

At least Clegg can tell his 9 year old son, who is probably going to grow up to be a self-absorbed/self-serving bloke like his dad, “don’t worry boy. Whatever their problems, you don’t have to face them when you grow up. Daddy’s got lots of money from the people to afford you that which they can’t.”

The partiality of 'news' lies not in what they report, but what they fail to afford as much prominence or detail.
I really would like to see the BBC do an article highlighting the plight of a single family or a person every few days in the face of the cuts in the UK. The people, in news reports, are treated as a disgruntled blob with less features than a Pokemon, kicking up a riot in London, etc, etc. In that, they are dehumanised, whilst the likes of Clegg, Willy boy, amongst other ‘celebs’, are afforded detailed humanisation such as the above. You won’t see that with the BBC, or just about any broadcasting service throughout the globe. The partiality of 'news' lies not in what they report, but what they fail to afford as much prominence or detail.

It is such strategies, along with many others, that serve to determine people’s inclinations. And it is on the basis of these elite-constructed inclinations that they base their decisions and are thus fooled into thing that they are acting as individuals because they make the decisions. But the inclinations that these are based on is not constructed by you. Get it?

As for all those students who voted Lib-Dem, only to be buggered thereafter with a tripling of tuition fees. Well, I really don’t know what to say about them. I saw quite a few of them sporting yellow Lib-Dem frilly badges during the first ‘Take Back Parliament - Fair Votes Now!‘ demonstration and wondered how they managed to pin on these badges on their chests whilst having their heads up their arses. Someone call the Guinness Book of World Records! I knew all this was going to happen before the Liberal-Cons came into power, which is why i voted for the lesser evil, Labour. Well, knowing better does not mean that you’re not going to suffer the consequences that come with others not knowing better does it.



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