What the ipad 2 has in common with a high society whore

Well, Steve Jobs and his capitalist cronies have done it again - An ipad without an inbuilt USB slot or memory card slot. This makes his posterior a perfect fit for my metal-heeled cowboy boots, methinks.

Well, when i was doing ‘The British Constitution’ during my A-levels a couple of decades ago I read that, ‘a people deserve the government they get, or else they wouldn’t have it.‘, or something to that effect. Very interesting statement don’t you think. But of course, that’s not entirely true. I place such a situation on an evolutionary or revolutionary curve. There might be a period of resistance from the people in the face of a greedy leviathan, so you can’t say that they deserve that government at that point. But if they fail in their resistance - which is oftentimes due to a combination of mass apathy and governmental suppression, i.e. the reason behind the Tiananmen Square slaughters - than they will be reduced enough in character over time via their efforts to make the best out of bad situation to deserve the government and become similar in character to the government itself. You can call that ed’s law if you like.

I suppose Apple will include these slots in the future, but the message is clear, if Apple does it, it does so not because it has to - which is the attitude and approach of the lower orders of people and products - but because it feels like it. That adds ‘prestige’ to the ipad 2.
Anyway, the same thing applies to the ipad 2 not having said slots. The people have trained Apple to treat them as they deserve by buying the ipad 1 - unlike myself who refrained from the temptation of having a chunk of my posterior bitten off, apple-like, by having the ‘option’ to purchase two connectors for both USB and memory cards. It was a matter of principle. It may not cost much, some might say, to get these connectors. But the point here is that I can’t remain blameless when things get worse. I’m encouraging them aren’t I. And, being a Socialist with a capital ‘Red’, the cost of the connectors appear huge to me, especially since I multiply the cost by all those whom buy it. You could say that Socialists, unlike others, operate through a different mathematical paradigm. Hence, I take the collective cost personally. I suppose that is the essence of the 13th Commandment of Jesus. ‘To love thy neighbour as thyself’ is to empathise with her/im to the point that you take her/is losses as your own. It’s only when you do that, and provided that it is mutual - the 4th of the 9 Satanic statements is applicable here, i.e. ‘Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it, instead of love wasted on ingrates!’ - all of the people aren’t going to get screwed all of the time by individuals getting screwed a little each time. If we did that, 119 wouldn’t have happened, a cure for HIV or Cancer would have been found ages ago, and mobile phones would last more than a couple of years. Think about it.

But what bothers me most about the port-less ipad2 is that Apple has deliberately left out the said slots, yet again, and despite competitors having them. And I don’t think it is only because the masses of idiots out there bought the ipad 1, thus giving Steve Jobs the thumbs up to stick his up their posteriors - you are excused if you got it out of necessity, i.e. like getting your aged mum one so that she can do more without having to sit up in front of a computer or lug about a laptop, or whilst she’s out fattening the pigeons. It is more than that.

It’s like sitting in the lounge of the Ritz sipping wine out of small cylindrical glasses. Having that which is celebrated in small doses is like the classy thing to do. Then you can say, ‘it may be expensive given that i’m not getting much, but hey, I can afford to do so despite its deficiencies.‘ And that is what makes it taste even better. Same thing crosses my mind when I see the Chinese forming long queues for food from and ‘award-winning‘ shop. I dare say that it is having queued for it that makes it taste even better. People aren’t going to say it tastes crap as that is akin to saying that you were stupid enough to queue for it. Same thing applies when it comes to the attachment a mother feels for a child after and because she had carried it for 9 months. Or you can liken it to people smiling understandingly at the idiosyncrasies of a ‘star’ or a millionaire. It’s alright when that which is valued sports such deficiencies. “It adds character to them.” Is the same thing happening here?

Are we, or rather, are you being taken in with the shiny new exteriors of the Ipad, and especially as it blatantly disregards the inclusion of the aforementioned. Do these deficiencies make it more valuable? Just like how guys go for those ‘hot chicks’ despite most of them having opportunistic and self-absorbed characters - the ‘ugly’ chicks always seem more beautiful to me and the beautiful ones, if they try to act the big-shot with me, always get monosyllabic responses, or dual-syllabic ones that have F.O. as their acronyms. Their deficiencies seem less, well, deficient, given their ‘features’, and which is usually dependent on your being deficient enough to be appealed to by the latter. So what is Apple saying here? If you want on nitty gritty USB and memory card slots - it is only the lower orders whom think about getting one's money's worth - go for the competitors. But if you want an ‘Apple’, like if you want to sip overpriced wine in an overpriced lounge; have a ‘beautiful’ model wife; or have large plates with as much food on it as one might expect in one’s hanky after blowing one’s nose; you should appreciate the little you get given how good it is - and one of the reasons why it is good is because you aren't getting much of it. Something like not expecting more than cucumber sandwiches if sitting with the Queen, but if you want a good slap-up meal, you’ll be deprived of her company (I’ll pick 'bangers and mash' or a curry that makes the pores of my head salivate any day over the company of the so-called 'Queen'.)

I suppose Apple will include these slots in the future, but the message is clear, if Apple does it, it does so not because it has to - which is the attitude and approach of the lower orders of people and products - but because it feels like it. That adds ‘prestige’ to the ipad 2. At their discretion. And that simply adds to their value doesn’t it. Like an idiot might feel when his model wife condescends to ‘uncross’ as and when she feels like it, or if the price is right, be it a brand new Porsche or those glittering bits of glasses called ‘diamonds’. Despite complains that the ipad 1 didn’t have said ports, and Apple blatantly disregarding this is a testament to that. They can still ignore public opinion, just like Paris Hilton. And that is what adds character and prestige to the ‘celebs’ our modern times doesn’t it, though it says much about your not having much of it.

And, finally, think about this. When we look at the evolution of a product, ask yourself if the evolution of a product depends on your gradual evolution into being less than you might otherwise be.