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My great respects to the Blacks of america. On Racism

What the Blacks did in America wasn’t what women did when the latter fought for equality. They didn’t become white in persona and demand equality on the basis of similitude, but demanded that they not just be tolerated but appreciated and respected for being Black. That is the essence of Black Power, and all fight for equality. And we owe a debt of gratitude to them for teaching us that.

I scorn all equalities if it is not based on the respect of the unduly advantaged of my own culturally-induced and enhanced persona. 'Getting along' has no place in my list of priorities if it means cleaving off my own unique character to make it more palatable to those whom are disinclined to appreciating anything other than their usual fare. That is the essence of Black. It is that portion of you that is worthy of respect and appreciation, not because it is a part of you, but because it leads to the appreciation (as opposed to 'depreciation') of others. The litmus test of the open-mindedness of the others is not in their sitting with you if you're like them, but if they'll interact with you respectfully if you aren't. That is how we might gauge the racist tendencies of 'friends'.

With regards to the Blacks getting into the Olympics,

If the blacks managed to get into the Olympics, it wasn't because of America, but despite America. They had more hurdles to jump than the average white man who was told from birth that he could do anything. The Blacks did it despite being told they were good for nothing.




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