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the London Olympics...Yawwwwn!

Olympics 'countdown clock' @ Trafalgar Sq.

I read quite a few of the comments on the BBC site with regards to the Olympics, and thankfully, there are quite a few comments there indicating that commonsense is not disproportionately underrepresented in the UK (as it is in the Confucian state of singapore).


Spare me, Kevin. It's people like you that would have us chasing every facile event and every hollow-skulled "celebrity" that rolled up on these shores.

This is a political event dressed up as a "national opportunity". It may well lose money. If that is the case, I will be paying for it through my taxes for years..

NO.As advertised it is the London Olympics, NOT THE UK!

While it's important to encourage sport, the Olympics is sadly becoming over hyped, too expensive (commercial) for many and creates an ever larger carbon foot print.

There must be a better way of doing this.

Alfred Penderel Bright:
No I have no intention of buying tickets for the olympic games and will choose what I want to watch on television. I have never liked crowds and stadium where people seem to change their personalities once the "herd instinct" kicks in.

Couldn't careless about this over hyped event, just booked myself and family a holiday abroad, to get out of the country while all this Olympic nonsense is going on. Can we also please stop adding to the hype on BBC news with the introduction of a countdown clock, there are more important things going on in the world other than to keep a forgotten ex-Olympic athlete in the headlines.


Unlike those who sport, say, Manchester United banners on the hindscreens of their cars; thump their chests for the Chicago Bears or Dallas Cowboys; or football club jerseys; or those who can’t stop waving their flags; or singing the national anthem at the beginning of every baseball game; or those who like to have their pictures taken with ‘celebrities’; or those whom are ‘proud to be chinese/indian/filipino/french/english/australia/etc/etc/etc; or those who paint their faces the colour of ‘their’ national flags and go into a fit every time some bloke kicks a ball into the opposing teams net, et cetera, et cetera,

...I get my kicks from my own achievements and not because some gal or guy is scoring a goal on behalf of ‘my nation’. I may learn from your achievements, I may respect it for its value despite the masses not having the sense to do so, but I can only get a kick out of what i do with what i have learnt from those who have achieved, not orgaz over their achievements and lord it over others as if it is my own. That is for weak and pathetic minds.

since, on the basis of reason and logic, i view patriotism as the refuge of the self-absorbed and ignorant, and humanity as a nation in itself, i appreciate every goal scored against an opposing team as an own-goal.
And, since, on the basis of reason and logic, i view patriotism as the refuge of the self-absorbed and ignorant, and humanity as a nation in itself, i appreciate every goal scored against an opposing team as an own-goal.

So, when it comes to the London Olympics....Yawwwn! I'll leave it for the morons to enjoy; those whom are accustomed to life within the nationalist-capitalist status quo and thus able to appreciate its reinforcing mechanisms such as the Olympics; or those who tire from being just waged-slaves that they need to feel that their pathetic lives mean something because they can be at an over-hyped event, have it hosted in 'their country', and be able to squeal in support of 'team uk/etc' for making them feel that they mean something when they are nothing more than mindless consumers, workers, and breeders for the profit and power of the elite.

ed’s comment at the BBC site,



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