video/music: Massacre of american Indians at Wounded Knee.

Wounded Knee by edsbackalleyband


  1. Re: Comment on the Wounded Knee Video

    Just thinking of the similarity of the singapore chinese versus the singapore minorities. The chinese took over the nation from the Malays, promoted chinese culture, discriminated and marginalised the minorities via the various campaigns i.e Speak Mandarin Campaign, SAP school, employment of Chinese speaking people, the celebrations of all chinese festivals, the HDB quota system, etc. The chinese will always have a head-start in singapore and what is left-over will sadly be for the minorities.

    Racial bigotry is always wrong. When one race think they are better than another and that one race wants to dominate the country, the other races will suffer.

  2. Same thing applies to the aboriginals in Australia. The 'whites' did a lot of slaughtering in the early days of the construction of their 'modernity' - nationalism, capitalism, secularism. They just about wiped out the population of Tasmania, killed off about 4/5 in australia, about 30 million Africans died, millions of Indians, and let's not forget a few hundred thousand innocent Japanese civilians with their atomic bomb. The (american) Indian way of life was quite the beautiful one. Earlier explorers did comment positively on it, but later capitalists simply thought that they didn't deserve the land because they didn't 'develop' it as did the 'whites'. The blacks managed to muster quite a bit of support for their cause and did pretty well. But not the Indians. And i can never stand those american movies that paint the Indians as villains whilst the 'cowboy' plays the innocent victim or hero. The american Indians are a deep, passionate, people with great affinity with nature and appreciate the oneness of all creation. I love their culture, their music, their dances, the Ghost Dance, their myths..... I'd say the Blacks added the passion into america, the whites added the population, and the Indians, if given a chance, the spirit. But, I am quite heartened by the fact that quite a few 'whites' have commented positively and passionately on these videos in Youtube and taken the 'whites' to task.

    With regards to your observations on the chinese.....

    You won't find such empathy amongst the chinese i'm afraid. In a recent Straits Times article, they actually had the cheek to say that 'multiculturalism' works because some Malay bloke donned a chinese outfit and joined in the chinese new year celebrations. That isn't 'multiculturalism', that is evidence of chinese culture being dominant. Anyway, it is perceptions and discrimination in everyday matters that matter and not people donning each other's costumes or having a figurehead indian president. True multiculturalism is evidenced by people considering and taking on the ideas and perspectives emerging from other cultures. That, the chinese, in my 40 years of experience, have never done. It is only people who've lost their cultural character and personality whom can get along with the chinese and not feel that they have to put aside their own personality to do so. Try to be analytical, i.e. Indian, amongst the chinese, and they'll say you talk to much, complain too much, are a troublemaker, or simply fail to respond. The same applies to the so-called 'opposition'. Chee Soon Juan, the leader of the SDP said as much to me about a decade ago when i questioned the leadership of the SDP youth. It was later that i realised the Chee is just another little chinese emperor as opposed to a 'democrat'. The 'indians' and non-chinese who follow him have lost enough of their cultural personality to not realise this. I've, thankfully, not. But, i have to admit, it was an uphill task maintaining my analytical personality in a climate where there was no room for its expression. Some might say that i'm 'inciting racial hatred', but there is quite the difference between inciting racial hatred, and inciting hatred of racial discrimination.

    (above comments by vanes and ed reposted here from a previous unrelated post by ed)


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