Freezing the moment. A perspective on photography.

I was very impressed with this video where this bloke shows off his imaged business cards ‘on location’. Comment follows.

ed (youtube) : Damn creative of you to exhibit your cards 'on location'. It gives a sense of 'still life' within the same environment that is buzzing with movement at the same time. You have frozen reality whilst it is moving to give us time to reflect on it. It's video art.

You should do a longer one. Thanks!


Things are constantly a-moving - except when one is having a post-coital smoke, waiting in line at the unemployment-check office, or is dumb enough to sleep over at the entrance of an Apple store the night before an I-something is released.

But to appreciate an environment that is constantly moving whilst paradoxically freezing it with a picture, and appreciating the contrast between the two 'on location' enables us to reflect on the significance of the environment and not be caught up with the moment and get lost in it.

Reality, at the end of the day, is not in the eye of the beholder, but the variety of perspectives with which one appreciates it.
That is why i got my chinese circle to take up photography in the past. As the chinese are prone to missing out on details in things - due to their abiding by a culture where independent thinking is deemed to be the sole right and profession of those in power, and being taught to ignore differences via cultural introversion - i take my chinese mates out for photographic sessions and return to the same location again and again so that they might think of other angles or phenomena, or the interrelation between phenomena on location, that they didn't notice or appreciate the first, second or 10th trip there.

Looking through a viewfinder tends to force one to focus on an aspect of reality that might get lost in the haze and daze of too much activity, colours, textures, shades, tones..... But in order to get the most out of it, one has to not simply focus on the obvious - which simply reinforces one's prior tendency to focus on the obvious and miss the detail. One has to appreciate interrelations, contrasts, and so on. And even lenses play a part. Telephotos, fisheyes, medium-range, wide-angles, again give you another take on what might otherwise be the 'same reality'. Reality, at the end of the day, is not in the eye of the beholder, but the variety of perspectives with which one appreciates it.



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