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Morons or Infiltrators in '3 in 1 Kopitiam'?

I have to wonder after the quality of the forum, 3-in-1 Kopitiam.

Discussions tend to go down the grossly juvenile route. If the Singapore Tourist Promotion Board was to list this site as an introduction to the mindset of singaporeans, foreigners might think that this country is populated by morons/xenophobes/racists - which is not far from the truth given the underdevelopment of singapore over the past couple of decades via monocultural fascism and political oppression.

excerpt of comments under post, ‘What more does PAP need to prove?’

comment 1: that is what the treacherous familee are doing.. destroy sinkapore and ruin sinkaporeans' lives to 'rebuild' sinkapore for new low grade immigrants..
never mind you native sinkaporeans extinct like dodo birds.. as long as his familee perpetuate his dynasty rule..
lee con you die or sinkapore die.
PAP go eat shit.

comment 2: wha tis there to prove/?

look at the wonderful GDP! look at the casinos ! loolk at property prices! Boom town Charlie is Singapura!!

comment 3: And most of all, don't forget to look at
Papadom the Pondan Bear and his YPAP partner!
our resident PAP apologist and 2010 champion arsehole of the year.

comment 4: too bad whatever you post it only goes to porve YOU are the ONE and ONLY PONDAN QUEEN!

comment 5: You bend well, I must say!

comment 6: No need to say .. we all know you are PONDAN QUEEN!

comment 7: StilL you are Pondan Queen!

comment 8: Rinse, repeat, retarded bear.

comment 9: prove that u r not a dumb chow ah qua.

comment 10: young PAP people like to bang teddy bears...

comment 11:
prove that you are not a chao bapok?

comment 12: You have proven that you are too dumb to come up with something original. And every one knows you are a chow ah qua. Therefore, it is proven you are a dumb chow ah qua.

comment 13: As you are an OLd Bapok here whatever you say i s fine with me.
BUT fact is : YOu are Bapok Queen!


end ‘discussion’

But, i'm also aware that quite a few posters here aren't of the moronic class. Perhaps infiltrators have got in to goad intelligent minds, or potentially intelligent minds, to engage in pointless exchanges by their insensible comments - thus detracting posters from more meaningful exchanges.

Perhaps the best way to bring up the insight-quality of this site is for us to ignore the idiots, and persist in discussing things intelligently despite their efforts to bring down the intelligent tone of this site. If not, 3-in-1 Kopitiam is going to turn into a hub for the insensible, discouraging potentially intelligent people from taking part, or underdeveloping others who sign up by saturating their sensibilities with gross idiocy.



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