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How TOC could have avoided being gazetted

So The Online Citizen has been gazetted. In other words, they are now required to register as a ‘political organisation’ in order to continue existing online. Well, i’m sure they’d appreciate the extra publicity this is going to bring them.

Just a thought on escaping ‘gazetting’.

If ed was to run a TOC-style site, and wishes to avoid being gazetted, what i’d do is get all writers to start their own blogs, and ‘copy and paste’ their articles on my TOC-style site. It would be like or, except with full articles. No laws are being broken here, so long as the consent of the writers are sought prior to publishing. In such a case, the government will have to basically gazette all bloggers, or gazette all sites linking bloggers.

It’s a simple enough idea, and which delivers the same results as TOC or TR, except that the source of the articles are blogs, letters, etc, instead of, say, the TOC or TR itself.

If ed was to run a TOC-style site, and wishes to avoid being gazetted, what i’d do is get all writers to start their own blogs, and ‘copy and paste’ their articles on my TOC-style site.
And the best part of such an approach is that no site like TOC or the nazi-style Temasek Review can become a big shot or ‘kingmaker’ as every article that is published from a blog is an admission that the people are the source of insight and not some organisation like the aforementioned. And to avoid allegations that the site is maintaining an ‘offshore‘ pool of dedicated writers to avoid being gazetted, the site will have to ensure that they publish articles from different writers as well and not just the same bunch.

I suppose that would help to get rid of the notion that we are nothing unless we are recognized by some overly-vaunted political party or political site. That goes some way in undermining the confucian-induced notion that we as individuals are nothing unless we have been incorporated into some organisation or something.

Basically, if the government was to then move on to gazetting all bloggers, or blog aggregators like 'singaporedaily' or 'singapore news alternative', that is simply going to reinforce amongst the people that they are political entities even if they might not perceive themselves to be so. And as people tend to be more conscious of themselves as this or that according to how they are perceived, then their being perceived as political entities is only going to serve to make them more politically conscious. That's a good thing don't you think?

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