ebook: The Principles of Communism, Friedrich Engels

This is most certainly an interesting book by Engels, and served to explain that which might refute claims that the USSR or China, amongst others, were truly communist states, along with global media misinformation.

For myself, when i first came across this book about a couple of decades ago, it served to challenge my own conceptions of what was natural, or to be appreciated as the 'logical choice' amongst systems. I would not fully support all views contained, but, in the spirit of dialectical thought, I would say that the fusion of various ideas from various schools of thought would be preferable to simply preferring any status quo as 'right' just because we have formulated strategies of coping and compensation to put up with it, and through it, are moulded in such a way that we cannot conceptualise ourselves within alternative systems that might be of greater aid in our maximal development.

I've formatted this ebook (my first effort), in 'epub' format with clickable 'Table of Contents', and 'back to TOC' links for convenient perusal - which i found quite lacking in all the ebooks i've downloaded so far.

download epub: The Principles of Communism