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Barry Manilow vs. MTV...give me Manilow any day

ed(on youtube): “Barry' Manilow's 'Copacabana'. Not great on music videos but great on music. This switches on the MTV in the head. That's what great music is all about.”

Switching on the MTV in the head. Music did that in the past. And with such stimulation of the masses’ imagination, it is no wonder that great music was emerged from said masses. They were the source of imagination.

But with MTV(music tv, music videos), the corporation took over the imagination bit and the masses ceased to produce it. And its no wonder that music tends to sound the same, and devoid of the imagination-inducing spirit of the music of the past.

Barry Manilow’s Copacabana, Rupert Holmes’ ‘Escape’, Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Purple Haze’, The Ventures’, ‘Slaughter on 10th Avenue’, the Spotnicks’ ‘Johnny Guitar’, George Gershwin, Yes’ ‘Gates of Delirium, Wishbone Ash’s ‘The Phoenix’, are just some of the many that managed to do the past.

People are becoming less the more they get more vicariously.
I’m not saying that we ought to do away with music videos. Certainly not. But there is a fine line between music videos complementing a great song, and a song being made great because of the music video. We ought to think about that. It’s not too different from comedy’s with laughter slotted in at certain points. Would you laugh as much if it wasn’t?

The same parallel may be found in movies where with great ‘effects’ we see a compromise in storylines, dialogue, etc.

And another parallel in the way the Corporation has taken over the definition of ‘cool’ and ‘individuality’. A few weeks back, ‘Gap’ was forced to bring back it’s logo design as there were protests against its new one. People are becoming less the more they get more vicariously.

It is such parallels that symbiotically come together to make less out of people so that more control can be exerted over their consciousness. It leaves their consciousness intact, whilst extricating the 'self' prefix.



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