So Nick Clegg likes Bowie...whoop-dee-doo!

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BBC Radio 4’s ‘Desert Island Discs’ plays music listened to by politicians? And the BBC gives prominence to Nick Clegg’s (UK’s DPM who, by the way, decided who was going to be the PM by his choice of whom he was forming a coalition government with) being partial to an occasional cigarette, Benny Hill, and Bowie. I suppose the effect would be not unlike the so-called Queen doing her bit to increase album sales by dishing out knighthoods to chart-toppers such as The Beatles and Elton John simply because they were chart-toppers. What? Grammy’s, millions of pounds, worship of the masses aren’t enough?

Basically, all this nonsense is just a ploy to tell the people, “hey, you may not be worthy of our company at the breakfast table; we may get you on piracy as it compromises ours and the recording industry’s ability to make millions for a 3 minute song; but we are still one of you because we listen to Shakira, Johnny Cash, Prince, and Bowie in our multi-million pound places of abode purchased and maintained at your expense.‘

it’s not the similarity of our pastimes that make us one, but our having the selfsame opportunity cost when deciding between Morrisons and Marks & Spencers.
Well, I suppose that might please those fans whom were donning Lib-dem corsages and cheering on Clegg’s every people-pleasing statement outside Transport House during the first Take Back Parliament event. I wonder how many PR persons were staying up till 2am with Clegg and helping him to choose what might beef up his popularity amongst the masses. Or perhaps he had no other company other than an ‘occasional’ cigarette every 10 minutes as he tried to figure out what would go down well with the public. Bowie is quite a good political choice given his appeal to various genres of people from hippies to poppies and from teens to those investing in their first set of dentures. Well done Clegg.

And you really have to wonder at the way the BBC promotes the inane. Upon completing a BBC online survey, I was asked what I disliked about the BBC website. My response below,

“I really dislike the bias of the BBC news site as 'entertainment' is given great prominence as opposed to 'activist' issues. Our attention is constantly drawn to the inane pastimes or perspectives of some 'celeb' whilst news about what activists are doing in england is placed in less obvious positions, if at all. This gives one the impression that the BBC is quite about selling itself in view of what might be marketable as opposed to what ought to be of interest. In this, the BBC is simply reinforcing the juvenile tendencies of the masses whom might be more inclined to that which is immediately gratifying as opposed to that which is truly significant. Pairing significant news issues with 'entertainment' and 'celeb' news whilst other significant issues are given less attention or prominence creates a hierarchy of significance. That is why i have to go elsewhere for such news whilst the simple-minded can go to the bbc for their daily slop of 'celeb' news.”

That might explain the pop-ularisation of Clegg.

All that said, it’s not the similarity of our pastimes that make us one, but our having the selfsame opportunity cost when deciding between Morrisons and Marks & Spencers. And given that Clegg et al have much to do with said opportunity cost, i dare say that he'll have to do better than to put on a CD that is in my collection as well to get my thumb's up.