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My first DIY e-liquid, & thoughts on a safer EVI(e-cigs) experience

Finally made my first 'e-liquid'. Making e-liquid yourself is a great cost-saver. If you were to buy e-liquid in 30ml bottles, you will be basically paying 3 times more. And if you use e-liquid with 0mg nicotine content, you will be paying about 5 times more as sellers tend to charge the 0mg nic users the same amount as those purchasing nicotine-containing e-liquids. Talk about getting screwed.

Anyway, another reason why i decided to make my own e-liquids is so that i can have what vapers call 'TH', or 'throat hit' - the feeling of the vapour hitting your throat and similar to what smokers might feel when they do an inhale - without the nicotine. Most vapers talk about increasing the nicotine intake in order to get this TH. That is basically a shallow take on things. Moving on from cancer-causing cigarettes shouldn't mean that we should trade smoke-related ailments for nicotine-related ones.
Moving on from cancer-causing cigarettes shouldn't mean that we should trade smoke-related ailments for nicotine-related ones. Vapers are also quite defensive in saying that the risks associated with nicotine is negligible because smoking is bad compared to vaping. That is a really juvenile as that is the same approach governments who ban it have towards vaping - that vaping is bad compared to not smoking.

Anyway, i decided to increase the 'TH' via flavours before taking the suggestion of many vapers who basically say that to increase your TH you ought to increase your chances of nicotine-poisoning and other nicotine-related ailments.

Well, it certainly worked. For myself, as i'm accustomed to having about 3 red and 3 green chillis (those very small sized ones that deliver a nice little punch) in my lunch everyday, i'm quite alright with what thus comes across as overly-hyped, 'Diablo Loco' flavour from 'Decadent Vapours'. So now i'm vaping 0mg e-liquid which delivers just about as much as an 11mg nicotine e-liquid which is the highest i've ever tried.

My personal recipe is simple. For a 10ml bottle,

8ml of PG, or Propylene Glycol
2ml of Roast Beef flavour
0.5ml of Diablo Loco flavour


If governments can make low or 0 mg tar/nicotine content cigs available, i don't see why e-cigs ought to be banned because a curry-style e-liquid is delivered via a cylindrical inhalator instead of a banana leaf in an Indian restaurant.Now I'm waiting for anyone to tell me that vaping the above concoction is more dangerous than smoking cigarettes. Governments that ban it are guilty of nothing short of taking lives for the taxes imposed on cigarettes. If governments can make low or 0 mg tar/nicotine content cigs available, i don't see why e-cigs ought to be banned because a curry-style e-liquid is delivered via a cylindrical inhalator instead of a banana leaf in an Indian restaurant. Don't the people have the right to less hazardous choices? Well, thankfully, i'm in the UK where people try to determine what is wrong or right before deciding if it ought to legalised or not. Pity those people interned in states where they are ruled not by the force of reason, but confuse force for reason. Well, i suppose i'll have to go back to cancer-causing cigs whenever i go back to singapore as it isn't legal over there. The problem with living with perspectivally-inferior people is that you'll have to eat sh*t because they've confused it for appetisers after having beeen forcibly accustomed to having it on their plate time after time.

Anyway, the problem with vapers and manufacturers is that they both seek immediate gratification - like kids. Nothing wrong with seeking instant gratification, but that should not come at the price of considering and working toward alternatives. The former want to replicate their smoking experience in terms of sensations so that they got a good reason to stay off it and go for the instantly gratifying TH that comes with what seems to be extremely high nicotine content. The manufacturers want instant gratification by supplying and even promoting this for the sake of increased and immediate profit. And the third part of this unholy trinity are governments who ban the product or impose high taxes on it so as to leave their profit margin for cancer-causing cigarettes intact. Looks like everyone is operating on the same base logic here. (I've often thought this base-level, or 'generic' similarity in perspective significantly contributes to the problems people bemoan. Like I've met in singapore who complain about the Lees and the PAPs but have no problem in treating others in a similar manner.)

What manufacturers ought to do is to try to create various blends of e-liquids that increase the TH without nicotine content, and price 0mg e-liquids far below those with nicotine content. Something like people choosing alchoholic drinks in pubs over coke or OJ because they are priced similarly. However, as capitalism places profit as paramount over all considerations, i wouldn't be surprised if this is not being done as they hope for the increased nicotine addiction amongst vapers to generate profit indefinitely. And dumb consumers fall for it yet again. Everyone is too busy being educated into being good workers as opposed to intelligent human beings, and it seems that we are already at a stage where the two are confused for one.



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