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Response to Temasek Review's publishing of a2ed's anti-fascist article

So the fascist ‘Temasek Review’ had decided to republish an article published by a2ed quite some time ago, entitled, ‘The Fascist monkeys of Temasek Review. Listen up!

for this, and related articles on a2ed:

The Fascist monkeys of Temasek Review. Listen up.
Temasek Review goes, 'Sieg Heil!', again
"Singapore for Singaporeans" says the Fascist Opposition. What utter neo-Nazi nonsense!

The following is a2ed’s comment, in response to an ‘Alex’, and which serves to sum up the argument against those who might be inclined to think TR to be democrats per se.

start comment

Alex: “In a word of fairness, TR does serve a democratic function to Singapore. It also contains good articles that provokes us to question the existing policies which may veer the country towards the wrong direction.”

Fascists globally promote their fascist ideology along with addressing practical matters – go do a spot of global history mate. The latter does not mean that one is not guilty of the former. Rather, it disables one from taking issue with it, or makes one more receptive to it given that other issues that concerns oneself is still addressed. This is not an ‘opinion’ but a statement of fact on the basis of verified sociological, political and psychological realities.

The sinocentric racist perspectives of the population in general, engendered by a host of cultural and political means, and into which the young have been socialised, has naturally progressed on to xenophobia. The former has served as a prep school for the latter.
The same problem is going on here in the UK with the fascist British National Party and their more violent offshoot, the English Defence League. Their perspectives are identical to that of TR. They have the same approach as TR toward foreigners and constantly ignore the fact that many Brits are a mix of ‘foreign’ stock themselves – including the monarchy. However, unlike TR, they get quite a bit of egg-pelting and criticism from the general public who do not care about their addressing ‘practical’ issues as well. They do not appreciate the practical concerns of a party if it is paired with fascist rubbish as well. You’ve got to be pretty self-absorbed to do so. That undermines democracy and refines fascism. Learn to appreciate the difference Alex.

In singapore, a site like this can actually become popular. What do you think that says about the people, and you. The sinocentric racist perspectives of the population in general, engendered by a host of cultural and political means, and into which the young have been socialised, has naturally progressed on to xenophobia. The former has served as a prep school for the latter.

Given your definition of ‘democrat’ as implied in your statement, one could say that even Lee KY is a democrat given that whilst his party is authoritarian politically, they are pretty democratic in terms of allowing people to start up businesses, etc. But that would be a one-sided view of things wouldn’t it.

That said, its obvious that TR has published this article as they are well-aware that they can rely on the self-absorption of the majority, and their fascist supporters to defend them. You can do so with numbers mate, but not reason and logic.

end comment

It is sort of poetically just when one thinks about it. The government, over half a century, has taught the Chinese to identify themselves along racial lines, and through the self-absorption that has been engendered, assimilate all 'others' whilst being concerned only with their own interests. Now, as they bring in more foreigners into the country, the government has to contend with the xenophobia that the people's racialised bias has progressed to.

As for the xenophobes,

Going by the logic of many of today’s pro-oppositional Singaporeans and bloggers, we could say that even though that Japanese slaughtered numerous Chinese in the Nanking massacre, and even though Hitler’s regime slaughtered millions of Jews during WWII, they were still ‘democrats’ given that they were seeking the upliftment of their respective peoples. Well, I wouldn’t say or think it, but these xenophobes ought to ask if the difference between them and these others are only in degree, and not orientation.



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