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Getting your first EVI (electronic vapour inhalator)

Before getting to what we ought to consider when getting an ‘e-cig’, i’ll have to state the following,

As stated in a previous observation, we ought to refrain from terming or perceiving the ‘e-cigarette’ as an ‘e-cigarette’ or, as some call it, an ‘electronic nicotine inhalator’ as it is not necessarily one. One can choose, like I have, to ‘vape’ concoctions that have 0mg nicotine content. The potential of a product ought not to be associated with just one of its uses, i.e. a ‘nicotine delivery system’. As stated, it can be a delivery system for nicotine-free vapours as well. We don’t, after all, call knives, ‘murder weapons’, just because it can be used as one do we.

Note: this brief article is not intended for people interned in states which advocate the continued usage of cancer-causing cigarettes over EVIs - this issue ought to be brought to the World Court. I do not suggest the masses break laws. However, that does not mean that we should shirk the responsibility of questioning them. Don’t forget, your current relatively progressive and ‘hi-tech’ societies would not have come about if your predecessors did not do exactly that.

As for those who don’t smoke, don’t smoke, don’t vape. It should be used by those whom are trying to kick the far more dangerous habit of smoking GECs, or, Government-Endorsed Cigs (I call them ‘government-endorsed cigs’ in regions where a government bans the use of EVIs but do not restrict the sale of ‘normal’ cigs to above-18s. By banning one, they are simply endorsing the other by taking away the people’s choice of using the former.) In other words, it should be used as a 'carcinogen/tar/tobacco-cessation device'.

Alright. Now what are the considerations when getting your first EVI?

Now if you peruse ‘youtube’ and many other opinions on the net on the ‘right e-cig’, you’re going to come up with lots of ‘i’d recommend this because its ‘cool’/produces lots of vapour/stylish/etc.

However, for myself, the main consideration is the price of ‘perishables’ comprising the EVI. Namely, these are the ‘batteries’ and the ‘atomisers’. In brief, the battery powers the atomiser which in turn heats up the ‘e-liquid’ and produces the vapours which one uses to produce the letter ‘O’, or the rest of the alphabet like I did in the above video. Supporting products for the wrong reasons soon makes such reasons the standard for the production of all alternatives. In which case, we won’t truly have much alternative anymore. It’s not a matter of whether you can afford it or not. Rather, it is a matter whether you are part of the problem in the encouraging the production of goods that price style or other superficialities over substance. If were to stick our guns, the capitalists will have no choice but to marry style with substance.

batteries and atomisers

If one was to go for certain models of the ‘e-cigar’, you might find yourself forking out 13 GBP for replacement atomisers, or if you go with ‘Greensmoke’, 30 GBP for replacement batteries. The ‘Tornado‘ requires batteries that are priced at 18GBP, the Titan’s batteries are 7GBP, and the Screwdriver batteries are about 5GBP. The Tornado and Screwdriver batteries can last for about the same time, but the former is priced higher. The Titan batteries do not last as long as either, needs to be charged more often, and thus has its lifespan compromised even though it is priced not too far from the Screwdriver batteries. The important consideration here is getting the cheapest battery that possibly lasts as long as the expensive ones. The Screwdriver, amongst other models do this.

So, in brief, what led me to get the ‘screwdriver’, besides its higher voltage being said to produce more vapour - though the difference didn’t seem significant to me - is the price of the batteries and the atomisers. These are perishables and require changing periodically. To keep the costs of these down, it would be prudent to invest in an EVI that does not vapourise your finances quicker than the best atomiser out there. The rechargeable battery for the Screwdriver cost me just over 4 GBP as opposed to, say, a Titan battery that goes for 7GBP. The atomisers used by both are termed ‘510’ (take it as the ‘size’) and identically priced. The ‘e-liquid’ is also identically priced. But the savings come with the Screwdriver batteries that needs to be recharged less, is cheaper than the Titan batteries, and lasts longer. So whatever the hype about any EVI, just go past all that smoke and look at the price of the perishables.


Overtime, you might want to consider producing your own e-liquids instead of buying what’s offered by most retailers out there. If you are a 0mg nicotine vaper, or if you want to do 0mg liquids every now and then instead of high-nicotine content ones, it is going to be extremely cheaper to produce your own. For instance, if i was to get 30ml e-liquid with 0mg nicotine content, the price comes up to about 15GBP. But if you were to produce your own, the price goes down to 3GBP. Its ridiculous how retailers sell 0mg nicotine liquids for the same price as high-nicotine content liquids. Imagine selling two cars at the same price whilst one doesn’t come with an engine. Pure exploitation of course. Just make your own 0mg stuff, and you’ll find that, at the worst case, your cost of vaping is not going to exceed 20GBP a month - that includes the price of atomisers, batteries and liquid.


For cartridges, or ‘carts’ as many call them, (they hold the e-liquid) you don’t have to keep purchasing cartridges just because the little spongy thing in it get old. That’s another rip-off by quite a few retailers. Not very financially or environmentally friendly to throw away plastic ‘carts’ just because the spongy inside wears out. You could use the teabag option to replace it - just check out youtube for suggestions - and make your cartridges last.

a2ed supports the use of EVIs over GECs for those who currently smoke as it is far less hazardous to oneself and those around them, and relatively environmentally friendly. The Nicotine content however requires regulation or else we’re just going to see a decrease in cancer, but an increase in heart-attacks and other nicotine-related illnesses.



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