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A brief demolition of the reasons for banning the e-cig, by ed

It attracts those below the legal age.

ans: same restrictions on purchase can be applied to e-cigs as they are on traditional cigs

It can lead to nicotine poisoning.

ans: same thing applies to traditional cigs.

It is harmful to the health because nicotine can lead to heart problems.

ans: yes, but traditional cigs can lead to cancer, a host of other traditional cig-related ailments, AND heart problems. Why legalise the sale of more harmful cigs and not safer ones?

It is a nicotine delivery system that needs to be treated as either a ‘drug’ or ‘tobacco’ device.

ans: users have the option of using 0mg nicotine content liquids for the ‘e-cigs’. Hence, the device cannot be classified as either a tobacco or drug product. Only the liquid can. If it is to be classed as either a tobacco or nicotine product, just because it emits vapours, so can steaming kettles, hot bowls of dumpling soup, air freshners, insecticide, and assholes.

Not enough research has been done on the side-effects of this product

ans: But enough research has been done on the effects of traditional cigarettes. The value of the e-cig lies in its not containing much of that contained in traditional cigarettes. As Cancer Research UK states, ‘"For a smoker, the health hazards of continuing to smoke greatly outweigh any potential risks of using NRT" - source.

It is not a smoking cessation device

ans: You’re right, it isn’t. It is a carcinogen and tar and tobacco (found in traditional cigarettes) cessation device because it doesn’t contain any of these, or only contains them at below harmful levels. When one picks up e-cigs, one gives up the above. So if ‘smoking’ is significantly defined by the above, then picking up e-cigs instead of traditional cigs can argue for its being, at least, a ‘partial’ smoking cessation device. And if nicotine is excluded, than it truly becomes a smoking cessation device. That would make the e-cig user a ‘vaper’ and the e-cig an Electronic Vapour Inhalator, and not an 'e-cig'.

A final word,

To only make available traditional cigs and not less hazardous alternatives makes an authority banning the latter the most significant cause of traditional cigarette-related illnesses.

How many people have to die from t-cig illnesses before it is legalised?

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