UK: Liberal-Cons reject 'bitty' for free milk for under-5s

I thought that this piece of 'news' - that a suggestion by the UK health minister to her Scottish counterpart to scrap the free milk scheme for under-5s be cut - is nothing more than PR designed to compensate for whatever points lost by the slew of cuts that have come and are to come with the Liberal-Con union. 'Why is what's not happening headline news? Or is it simply an opportunity for the Lib-Con union to show the UK that they care and aren't the self-interested toffs that they are.

Anne Milton says,

"The programme did not "provide value for money in difficult times" and had "become increasingly outdated", said the minister." bbc

This could easily be paraphrased with, "The programme did not provide the elite with immediate value for money(extracted from the people in the first place) in times when our bank balances aren't bursting as many seams as it had in better times. And such top-down help is becoming increasingly outdated in a society increasingly groomed to be self-reliant after accepting their rightful place in the socioeconomic order of things." Perhaps Milton is a closet-confucian.

So milk-cuts for under-5s now and under-65s in the future. Desensitisation to that which is unjust is, after all, best effected incrementally isn't it.

And one has to wonder at the source of UK Health Minister, Anne Milton's inspiration. Perhaps one to many reruns of particular episodes of 'Little Britain'? Perhaps she's hoping that the impact of milk-cuts on the lower socio-economic classes could be compensated for by an extended period of breast-feeding?