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In view of SG Breaking News being down for quite some time, a2ed's starting up again. Unlike previously, it will function solely as a 'blog aggregator'.

Additionally, we were quite surprised to note that people still visit for blog updates up till the present, so, we decided to spruce up the site for their convenient perusal.

Focus will solely be on featuring the latest blogger updates as we do not have the finger power to do more such as a categorical arrangement of the latest posts. SgDaily does a good job there, albeit with much censorship. Perhaps Singazine will do more in the future, but that will be up to you.

[Singazine was started up in the past as we were not too thrilled about SGdaily's biased regulation of the SG bloggersphere by its featuring those their little minds can comprehend or which did not hurt their egos or challenge them - along with their sexist and racist 'daily chiobu' section. Its editors must have just fallen off some tree, along with their fans out there, like Ng E-Jay, amongst others. Never mind them.]

This is just a public information broadcast. The purpose is not to present what we think is worthy of attention, but what needs to be represented, whether we agree with the contents or not. However, the focus is generally on political and social issues. So whether it be analysis or opinion, it's in.

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  1. The arrival of Singazine into blogosphere is timely. As so much has happened with Singaporedaily and some sites. Most of us dont dare to say anything to Singaporedaily. If we do so, the fear is they will cut is off. On the otherhand, the people who have no fear, as they presumably have a loyal readership already are the only ones who will dare to pick bones with them. The problem now is this group have all disappeared. Where does that leave the majority of us?

  2. To make things worse. The level of trust between different sites in blogosphere is at a all time low. No seems to be talking to one another. The Online Citizen has been turned into an anti MDP site. TR is now a anti foreigner site. Singaporedaily is turning into a general nothing site. Mr Brown is his own world. The others like the Brotherhood are even creating their own world! So blogosphere is getting narrower and narrower. Instead of being united, we are so fragmented and weak. We cannot even come together and sit down in one table.

    I hope Singazine will be able to unite everyone in blogosphere and serve as a voice to those who have the courage to want to be heard.

  3. You have made some very interesting points. The thing about a confucian society is that, for the sake of political longevity, popular intellectual individualism and vibrancy has to be curtailed. One of the ways this is effected is by way of absorbing 'talent'.

    People, being taught to just 'stop complaining and follow' will tend to look toward the prominent and powerful for directions and insight. You could say that they don't have an internal GPS system;) So, everyone is subconsciously aware that to 'be somebody' one has to lead or join an organisation. And from within such an organisation, they either lead or just follow. You aren't going to be anybody on your own. Insight means nothing, only following the prominent whether it is on the oppositional/governmental/what's popular/the majority race or culture/etc.

    So everyone gets sucked in or if they choose to be independent, will be ignored by a people who have such utter disbelief in their own potential to be the masters of their destiny that they will refuse to recognise anyone unless they are part of the majority/prominent organisation/powerful/wealthy/etc.

    When you stated that the group who dare to challenge the likes of SGdaily, or oppositional parties, 'new media', etc, are no more, that is because they have all been incorporated into these organisations, or just give up because they know that in a chinese society, they are going to be ignored if they aren't sitting on the crotch of some famous organisation or person.

    Where does that leave the majority? Well, they will be left with no alternative but to follow what's prominent and have their perspectives underdeveloped by them.

    If you look at China's history, you will see that the same thing occurred there with the Civil Service Examinations sucking up and channeling all the 'talent' in the country whilst the people remained 'peasants' in their minds till the present. With Confucian singapore, history, or rather, China's history, repeats itself at all levels of society, be it in social circles, corporations, government, political parties, 'new media', etc, etc. It is no wonder that this 'triad society' or 'gang' mentality gives rise to racism and xenophobia most naturally.

    An overarching, 'you're either with us or against us' mentality reigns supreme. Singazine is not going to do much in changing this as most posts written by almost everyone or organisation are generally self-absorbed and chinese-centred. If anything, it is going to further reinforce such tendencies amongst the young and everyone else as there is little besides.

  4. Hi mate,

    Very insightful observation. If you had sent it in, we could publish it as a letter. Feel free to do so with this or future observations.

    I dare say it deserves a dedicated article as a response. Perhaps you could include a pseudonym. All you have to do is to choose the 'name/url' option in the 'comment as' menu and include a name even without a website address, or just type in a pseudonym at the end of your comment - more convenient for yourself that way.

  5. "Most of us dont dare to say anything to Singaporedaily. If we do so, the fear is they will cut is off."

    Then you deserve to fear. You probably also deserve to disappear into oblivion. Tell me do you fear the postman or the man who deliver parcels to your home?

    So why should you fear Singaporedaily. For us we just put them on the line and fuck them off like a rugby ball, clean and sweet. No bother.

    Trust me that is the only way to go.

    Darkness 2010 - The Brotherhood

  6. Your spirit is certainly commendable mate. But I can understand where the previous commentator is coming from. It is a catch22 situation.

    If they say anything, they are censored. If they don't, they can only say that which won't be censored. Either way, that which doesn't agree with the puny minds regulating the internet amongst the 'opposition' is taken of the stage of prominence.

    I, for instance, said what i said despite their posting just about every single one of my articles some time ago. Thereafter, i was censored completely. They did post some of my articles for a while so as to not make it obvious that they, like most chinese, do not take kindly to contradiction, and shortly after, it stopped completely.

    So, at present, i'm on the margins of the stage, though that has never stopped me from saying what has to be said - despite 'oppositional' bloggers, SGdaily, etc, not linking here - just take a look at the blog lists of local bloggers and you'll get the picture.

    But there is a price to be paid when it comes to speaking the truth, and the opportunity cost is what the previous commentator is highlighting. Ironically, these 'oppositional' forces keep harping on governmental 'regulation of the internet', whilst keeping silent or being self-absorbedly unawares that they are doing the same thing.

    Confucians, all of them. That is the problem.

  7. No this is not a catch 22 situation. And it has very little to do with whether you are from the North, East, South or West. Or whether you are an Eskimo, Caucasian or Albino either.

    All these divisions are just imaginary lines that we impose on our understanding to help us put the world into neat pigeon boxes. They serve no useful purpose.

    These days if you talk about the divisions of the Western and Eastern mind you cant speak of them without one coloring the other.

    Let me give you an example. A person could for example be an Asian, Chinese descent, educated in the US and EU. Likes to sail the 7 seas. A Man United fan. A Christian. Or maybe he has toyed around with Buddhist isotericism as well.

    But which one of these aspects which make up his being takes over the others when he is called to decide on a something that piques his interest?

    Do you now understand why your preoccupation with whether you are a Westerner or I am from the East is irrelevant.

    Another thing consider this:

    Chaucer, Faulkner, Melville, Galileo, Newton (I can keep on going, if you like) - what do they ALL have in common?

    They are all producers. They all challenged the status quo ante. They all attempted to break out from the ritualized and fossilized way of seeing the world. And they all had their works blacklisted, censored and in some cases erased. On average 50 years and some of this people wrote well before the invention of the Guttenberg Press!

    But tell me? Who remembers the censors today? My point is the truth will always find a way out. There is no hurry.

    History is firmly on my side.

    Darkness 2010

    As for the poster on top he or she is just a whinner.

  8. You are ignoring culture/socialisation-borne realities mate. It's not the race that matters, but the culture that is practiced, whether it be within the family, one's social circle, or within a nation. And when a particular 'race' is taught to practice a particular culture, that is when it can move on to becoming a 'racial' trait. That is basic psychology mate - though that might be 'irrelevant' to you.

    The existence of similarities does not invalidate the potential of various cultures to various tendencies. If you don't understand why things are the way they are, you can't change them. 'Pigeon-holing', as you call it, serves the purpose of making sense of things despite reality or attempting to appreciate the causes for the variety of pigeon holes that exist for the purpose of freeing all from said holes.

    As for the 'catch 22' situation, you have deviated from the context and point and not shown why it is not true in the singaporean context - your style of argument is reminiscent of 'solo bear's' style where he frequently, and erroneously, attempts to prove a point by allusions to other instances without showing why such instances are applicable locally given local circumstances.

    You can keep going on mentioning names if it puts a smile on your face, but you have to take into consideration the historical circumstances at that time - refer to The Reformation, Renaissance. Additionally, you should realise that the 'Great Man Theory' - that particular 'great' individuals move history - cannot be appreciated without considering historical socio-economic-political-cultural circumstances. That is a perspective that has been thrown out by social scientists, etc.

    Such conditions are not true of the singapore at present. You are talking ideals without considering circumstances. I do certainly agree with your ideals, but we have to consider circumstances in appreciating the degree to which such ideals will and will not, and why either way, be well-received. In doing so, we might be able to revise and refine the methods to bring about such ideals.

  9. Culture? What culture are you talking about? I spent 7 years in Europe. Speak 5 European languages, including Russian, German and French - fluently - do you speak those languages Ed?

    I do not understand. Why do you insist on maintaining these false dichotomies that seek our differences instead of similarities?

    Reformation? I thought it was all about disrepecting the idea of centralization? That there was no such thing as orthodoxy?

    Who is solo bear? I've never heard of him.

    I am Darkness of the Brotherhood. Who do you think you are talking too Ed? Another Singaporedaily?

  10. I don't think you are another SGdaily, though your logical skills do not seem disimilar to others of their ilk. Try not to be silly about this alright. Speaking a host of languages does not immediately endow one with the ability to an embodiement of their related cultures or appreciate its perspectives. The effects of one's frequently practiced culture will tend to determine what one pays attention to despite speaking in native tongues.

    As for false dichotomies, these are supported by sociological and psychological findings and research. Your standpoint flies in the face of basic socialisation perspectives. People of all cultures liking Man Utd or Liverpool, or desiring to satisfy their sexual urges does not render culture-initiated proficiencies and deficiencies in non-primitive arenas irrelevant.

    You may have spent 7 years in Europe, but remember, a sponge in a puddle absorbs far more than a boulder in the ocean. It is not where you've been but what perspectives you carry along with you on your journeys and how these enable you to enrich and add on to said perspectives through these journeys.

    Before going on to imply that 'we are all same same though different', or 'different but same same',

    I'd like to see you prove - through references to media, conversational, political, social, general perspectives, practices, etc - that the differences between, say, the Chinese and British, when it comes to real-time information processing; reaction to the unfamiliar; empathy; degree of aversion to contradiction; differences in the speed of idea-generation in the face of novel problems and situations; tendencies toward bigotry, etc, etc, are 'same same' because they are 'same same' when it comes to ridiculously supporting one ball-kicking club over another.

    Also, i'd like to see you prove that variation in socio-political-cultural climates do NOT produce variation when it comes to deficiencies and proficiencies amongst those reared within them.

    Perhaps you can draw on your linguistic skills to launch another senseless tirade in 5 languages, but i'd recommend systematic and rational arguments utilising a liberal amount of triangulation and inter-disciplinary perspectives.

    Oh, btw, 'Darkness', does 'the Brotherhood' not accept women;)? And am i supposed to get all jittery now? If you've got anything that is not based on medieval logic, feel free to comment further, if not, i suggest you keep it amongst the 'brotherhood' at your local coffeeshop.

  11. Calm down Ed. Take a stress pill. Don't work yourself out.

    FYI I've just proved it. Though to the perceptive reader, I hardly need to mention this. I've just illustrated to you, how it is possible for not only a person to migrate physically, but also mentally as well - that the mind is never in a static but dynamic state.

    Don't get me wrong Ed.

    I can very well understand how amplifying these so called sociological and psychological factors may prove useful to let's say keep one gainfully employed, to allow derelict academics to write the things they do. And even give many who would otherwise remain unemployed the opportunity to consult.

    But I do not see how leveraging on these differences which you have mentioned may even play such a preponderant role in shaping how people usually choose to articulate their objects and interest in the social political scene in Singapore, Malaysia or for that matter any where else on this planet. Really I dont Ed. And you have to believe me, since you brought up the issue of the brotherhood - I've been every where.

    That valecditory idea of couching social and cultural differences in a cloud of professional arcanum may have well sold and applied in the age of sail; when information typically suffered from lag to account for stark differences in the way different people around the world reacted to information then. But these days in the digital, anyon can log into a live feed of lets say a busted oil well in the gulf of Mexico - and post a comment anywhere between the Atlantic and Ukrainian Steppes - don't you think that old hat idea sounds as sensible as two flat planks stacked together? Come on Ed, be reasonable.

    I am not saying you are entirely wrong. All I saying is you're using the wrong model to analyse something as eclectic as the social political blog scene.

    I can very well understand if social and cultural differences exist between lets say blogs about doll collections, braiding, flower arrangement, gardening, cooking, fortune telling et al, between someone living in Nairobi and someone who resides in Milton Keynes. I can even understand how real-time information processing; reaction to the unfamiliar; empathy; degree of aversion to contradiction; differences in the speed of idea-generation in the face of novel problems and situations; tendencies toward bigotry, etc, etc - may differ markly when we talk about general issues.

    As we could probably ask whether it is possible for a Londoner to appreciate the adventures of Phua Chu Kang or a Singaporean bear out one the entire series of Coronation street.

    But the question here is not the general blogging genre as it applies very narrowly to the social political blog scene.

    As when you speak about something as eclectic as the social political blog scene - then I think, it has to be a homogeneous mass of collective thoughts from all over the world.

    So I am very sorry Ed, as much as I;ve tried, I really cannot understand what you're on about.

    Darkness 2010

  12. Darkness is a nice man. A very nice man. if you get to know him that is. Most people never get to see his gentle and nice side. All they see is the hard ruthless mask of Darkness. I dont know how this conversation became so ugly. We all had so very high hopes he could play a meaningful role in bringing new residents and citizens together. Darkness could have done alot. But as you can see, it has all gone pear shape. As usual, I cannot understand why I feel sad for the nice man even though it seems to be all his fault.

  13. Oh, i assure you, no stress. Actually, I couldn't stop tittering now and then as I read your statement and responded.

    You exhibit chinese-style reasoning. That is, arguing your point after ignoring all contradictory points - that is basically repetition. Believe me sir, i've encountered many who don't do that, but it is mainly the Indians, Malays, Brits, and Africans, but, to be honest, never the contemporary chinese of singapore, at least, not in the past decade.

    You know, what you are saying can be termed as mere rhetoric. Nothing that you are saying here is really wrong, but one thing you constantly fail to do is to show how it is true or untrue in the 'singaporean' context.

    'Eclectic' is not a word which would be applicable in the singaporean context, at least not since the late 80s. You need democracy and egalitarian multiculturalism for that. The government elevated the chinese and 'chinese' culture above all else, and monoculturalism ensued. How does one get an 'eclectic' community after that mate? You want 'eclectic', go to India, come to the UK. These people think on the fly and process information real-time.

    The Confucians - excluding the controlling classes - however, discount information real-time if it doesn't fit the common perception of what is and isn't. They go by tradition and what's 'popular one', as opposed to reason. It's a pretty abnormal society. Why do you think xenophobia and racism comes so naturally to them? It is more complex, but as i've elucidated on other variables in previous articles, i'll leave it at that.

    I'm speaking specific, quantifiable facts here bro. Focusing purely on similarities and basing a civilisation on that for the purpose of 'harmony' is one of the quintessential aims of Confucianism, including Confucius. Justice, equality, empathy, etc, comes second place. (ever wondered why the chinese are so fond of saying, 'it's like that one lah' in the face social evils?. For the Indians of the past, it is, 'why must be like that one?!) As i've said, if we don't look at what the differences are, and how that might or might not be a good thing, we can't extract the best of all cultures in order to make the most of ourselves.

    Right now, if it wasn't for 'chinese' culture (legalism-confucianism), singaporeans would have a great eye for detail, be far more creative, intelligent, egalitarian, empathetic, less xenophobic, less racist, be able to contend with novel ideas and perspectives on the fly, and democracy would be true.

    Why do you think LKY clamped down on westernisation and multiculturalism with increasing vigour from the 80s and begin to push for confucianism? What do you think happens to an entire race when they are taught that it is only 'their' culture that matters? Won't they move on to associating the 'majority' with racial identity? And would not the others, in the struggle to survive under a one-culture system, adapt and assimilate? And isn't that why today 'singapore' means 'chinese singapore' regardless of race? How much evidence are you ignoring to not realise this?

    Arrogance, ignorance, inability to appreciate details, penchant for the familiar, complacency, the dulling of the mind, etc, are some of the logical consequences. When you apply this in the upbringing of a child, the same applies does it not?

    Egalitarian multiculturalism is one of the main keys to democracy if you don't already have it. Get rid of it, and the best you can have is a fascist democracy wherein people are free to do as they please in a culturally and racially ordered society. That is what the 'opposition' is about now.

  14. "FYI I've just proved it. Though to the perceptive reader, I hardly need to mention this. I've just illustrated to you, how it is possible for not only a person to migrate physically, but also mentally as well - that the mind is never in a static but dynamic state."

    Diabolically clever old boy.

  15. Great argument ed! What darkness says about ppl being able to be anything they want is true. But he never think about why different cultures can make it less true in one country compared to another and how racism in singapore can make everyone more stupid in the long run. Don't know why he never get that point. Maybe he's a part of the majority or maybe he made it even though he isn't. That maybe makes him think that culture got no impact.

  16. @james,

    What's so 'diabolically clever' about that. All that means is that a person change can physically and mentally. He avoids talking about what makes people become more or less and how culture plays a important role in it. He just repeats saying that people are same and all can change. That's very shallow. I think what Mike is saying is the next stage. Darkness is just stuck in the kindergarten stage.


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