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SG: The Perfect Solution to Solve the 'Native-Born' vs 'Foreigner' situation

I think the problem of 'native born singaporeans' vs 'Foreigners' can be easily resolved. Just give the latter time to copulate and give birth to a native-born child so that the child can grow up and repatriate her/is parents for not being native born.

Too bad the current 'native born' singaporeans can't do likewise in the face of their foreigner ancestors of Indian and Chinese national origins as they aren't around any longer - excluding the Malays, whom are the relatively true 'native-borns'. That way, they can truly turn singapore into a country populated by 'true-blue' singaporeans.

Then again, I suppose that is the reason why these fascist primates can adopt such a stance against the foreigners of today.


[part of the above was posted as a comment at Temasek Review's, 'Singapore-Born Singaporeans Cannot Oust PAP Unless They Unite' The rest of the comment follows below.]

As for oppositional unity, what are the Malays and Indians going to be gaining after kicking out the ‘foreigners’? Their 2nd class status and the usual ‘we are majority what!’ from the first class citizens. The so-called opposition says next to nothing about this or how, for instance, the ‘mother tongue’ policy grossly disables the non-chinese locally and regionally in the economic arena. They say nothing about how media representations and the SAP schools system, amongst a host of others, have undermined the self-efficacy of non-chinese children. There are enough psychological findings to prove the negative impact these have on development.

Let’s be objective about things shall we.

Do you think that a people whom have been culturally educated to be open to new ideas, difference, be innovative, critical, will underdevelop and underachieve compared to those whom have been trained to not question, play follow-the-leader, abide by traditions just because they are traditions, and associate with ‘their own’?

Anyone would say that the former would be the leaders or/and, more intelligent. So how is it that the Indians, for instance, have underdeveloped? How is it that the more creatively vibrant and animated Malays have underdeveloped? How is it that the Chinese head these arenas when those who practiced cultures that induce more creative/intellectual and popular vibrancy aren’t contributing significantly too? Surely we’ve all often heard the phrase, ‘this one cannot control, so better not hire her/im’. Isn’t that another way of saying, ‘this guy don’t let me do the thinking for him so better not hire him’.

Also, we have, ‘don’t think so much’, ‘why complain so much’, ‘don’t be long-winded’, ‘don’t question, just follow’, etc, etc, etc. What does this mean in this context other than an aversion to independent thought and critique? And would this not compromise relatively dull minds unable to appreciate detail, incapable of independent thought, aversion to difference and contradiction, amongst a host of other deficiencies. If this can apply in the upbringing of a child, why can’t it not apply to the rearing of a people?

It’s a combination of both educational/economic/media/etc marginalisation AND pressures to adapt and assimilate to an ultra-conformist status quo engendered within a legalist-confucian state that does it. Through the former, the non-Chinese are made lesser, through the latter, they are relegated to the underclass. So now the non-Chinese are supposed to team up with the so-called opposition with a, ‘f*** the foreigners, we want our 2nd class status back’. Your ‘unite singaporeans’ nonsense is simply a cover for the reinstatement of the privilege of the ‘native-born’ chinese over the non-chinese. You guys know how to kick up a fuss when you get what others have had to put up with because ‘they are not majority what!’

Cut the self-serving hypocrisy alright.

Till the opposition is able to prove, not only by words, but by actions and perspectives, that they are for all of the people, they are representative of nothing but the ‘majority’.



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