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SG: Thinking aloud: Oh, Shut up about the Orchard Road flood

That's what happens when we have a country based on China's self-centredness-inducing Legalist-Confucian system, and a majority associated with it via an appeal to 'it's your heritage what!'.

What happens thereafter is that perspectival/cultural difference is fragmented and diluted enough for the non-majority to think in a similarly unthinking manner. What irks me about these political primates - regardless of race - is that they generally remain silent when, amongst others, the compromised interests of the non-chinese is discussed, but simply can't stop going on about it when it comes to the interests of the 'majority'; that which compromises it; or that which is sensationalised. How do you educate a people whom most adept at sticking their heads under water when it comes to the interests of others?

I remember no fuss being kicked up over the Indian woman who was punched in a public bus. I remember no fuss, comment, or follow-up article, being made when I posted pictures of a grossly racist tourist signboard in Little India - even though that post received more than a hundred hits. And likewise when it comes to other observations of bigotry in singapore. I've observed as much in social interactions, in the media, amongst bloggers, and opposition parties.

Well, I must give credit to the government. From observations from the 70s to the present, I can certainly appreciate the toll their policies had taken on the population/bloggers/opposition of singapore. Regardless of race, a nation of bigots, xenophobes, shallow minds, entrenched in self-absorption, mindless consumers, and hedonists. As Confucius once said, the role of the government is to internalise their morality amongst the people so that they would act according to their volition whilst mistaking it for their own. It's no wonder that that which distinguishes the government of the day and the 'opposition' and just about every self-proclaimed 'democrat' I've had the misfortune of encountering online and off, is in form, but not, essentially, in feature.

It seems that to eke a drop of empathy out of the legalist-confucianised mind, one would first have to have the talent of extracting an ocean out of a pebble.



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