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UK: Socialist Party - Demonstrate against the English Defence League in Tower Hamlets

Communication from Paula Mitchell, Socialist Party,

A victory has been scored in East London as the plan by the racist and hooligan English Defence League (EDL) to “hit” Tower Hamlets on 20th June has been called off.

They planned to protest against a meeting of the right-wing UK Islamic Conference. This event has now been cancelled, and the EDL have called off their protest.

But there is more to it than this. The EDL have organised marches in different towns and cities over the last year against “militant Islam”. While they claim to be non-racist, many of their protests have descended into violent racist and Islamaphobic abuse and attacks. According to an investigation by the Guardian newspaper, they are now targeting Muslim communities deliberately.

The threat to invade Tower Hamlets was a huge provocation and was rejected by the vast majority of the local population. On 20th June they would have been faced by a big demonstration of the local community. Young people in particular were preparing to make it clear that the EDL were not welcome. It is this that has contributed to the EDL backing out.

Nonetheless the community demonstration on 20th June goes ahead to send a clear message to the EDL and the far-right that they should not dare step foot in Tower Hamlets.

The Socialist Party has argued that the demo in Tower Hamlets on 20th June should be around slogans such as “Jobs, Homes and Services – Not Racism” to help cut across any support the EDL may get. This is even more the case now. With the correct slogans, this would be a brilliant first opportunity to hold a united working class demo through the borough against public service cuts and for jobs.

Join with the Socialist Party and Youth Against Racism/Youth Fight for Jobs on Sunday 20th June, 12.30pm, Stepney Green Park.


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