SG: Just 4 Laughs: Sex with Anri Suzuki? Sorry to disappoint, but...

I came across this 'news' at '3-in-1 kopitiam'(kopitiam - coffee shop) about 10 minutes ago.(a singaporean forum that seems to attract and is dominated by those whom are inclined to handle both the trivial and significant in a juvenile fashion - which is generally quite the case when it comes to people reared within a legalist-confucian state) The comments there bespoke a mentality that serves as one of the reasons why i often suffix the term, 'singaporean' with 'unfortunately' when I'm asked about my nationality. The section in '3-in-1 Kopitiam' comes under the heading, 'China to f*** Japan real good'. I must say that the singaporeans of today, when they attempt to get witty or opinionated, just end up being annoyingly juvenile.

Well, that's what you get after a few decades of displacing democracy with Legalist-Confucianism; multiculturalism with monoculturalism; and equality with bigotry. Anyway, I don't see why this should cause much excitement given that 1 in 3 singaporeans have been found to be 'premature ejaculators' in a recent study - though how racially representative this study was is another matter. I suppose tissues had to be broken out shortly after the headline and a picture of Anri Suzuki. That might explain why no effort was made to check the validity of the claim that Anri Suzuki was offering sex to chinese students as an apology for what the Japanese did to the Chinese in WWII as they were probably well on their 2nd post-masturbatory cigarettes shortly after said heading and pic. Those seeking immediate gratification in all arenas, and thus being unbothered about the details that comprise the sinews of the tapestry of reality, frequently don't bother to '2nd guess' the obvious - and which also contributes to premature ejaculation btw.

NIPPONCINEMA: On June 5th, Hong Kong newspaper Wen Wei Po ran a story claiming Japanese adult video star Anri Suzuki wants to have sex with Chinese students in Japan as compensation for Japan’s invasion of China in 1937 which led to the Second Sino-Japanese War and the Rape of Nanking. The reporter attributed the story to “Taiwan media reports” but was apparently fooled by a forum post by someone going by the handle “Sniper”. On June 9th, realizing the mistake, he wrote a retraction; but the damage had already been done. The story had quickly spread throughout Asia in multiple languages, and retractions are not typically translated as quickly as sensational news about sex.

In Japan, however, the story was shot down almost immediately. Suzuki posted an in-depth blog entry in which she refuted the claims made in the article one by one. For instance, she’s never even been to Taiwan and has certainly never given any interviews there. The fake article also states that Suzuki has a doctorate in Sino-Japanese history. However, Suzuki points out that she’s a high school graduate and has never even attended university, let alone earned a doctorate. The only part of the story she seems to agree with is the fact that she’s appeared in adult videos.

Given the nature of the hoax-inspired article, it was inevitable that it would eventually catch on with the western media as an oddball “wacky Japan” story. A few days ago, The Sun ran with it, complete with skimpy swimsuit pics and scandalous quote translations. Since then, it’s been spreading to other news sites. with most conscientious reporters sourcing The Korea Times, which was apparently the first foreign paper to translate the bogus story to English for western consumption. So far, only Japan Probe and a few members have posted anything refuting the story in English, but that hasn’t slowed it down much. If anything, it’s picked up steam.

The moral of the story? Check your sources. If something seems completely stupid and made up, it probably is.

P.S. My sincere apologies to any Chinese students whose hopes have been dashed. source

Here's a translated view of the 'retraction' on HK newspaper, Wen Wei Po