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Global: ‘Ambush marketers’ ejected from Soccer Stadium - FIFA explains action to advertisers

A Dutch brewery's World Cup publicity stunt has led to arrests, threats of legal action and the loss of an ITV pundit's job. Why is so-called "ambush marketing" such a high-stakes business?

It was, the authorities claim, a gimmick cynically designed to capture the attention of the world's media - and, if so, it was wildly successful.

When 36 young women wearing orange mini-dresses associated with the Dutch brewers Bavaria entered the stands at South Africa's Soccer City Stadium for the Netherlands versus Denmark match, the cameras, predictably, turned towards them en masse, capturing shots that would grab the attention of picture editors worldwide.

The reaction of those in charge was swift and ruthless.

All of the mini-skirted ladies were ejected from the venue and two were arrested on charges of organising "unlawful commercial activities". Meanwhile, a spokesman for the tournament's governing body Fifa said it was looking into "all available legal remedies" against the brewery. source

Dear Sirs,

We cannot make it too blatant. We cannot impress upon the masses that they are nothing but passive victims of advertising whose main purpose in life is to actively work on fulfilling its demands.

At best, we ought to stick to subliminal advertising, or advertising inflicted above or at the threshold of consciousness - and which works even better than blatant advertising according to psychological findings. Hence, it is best we disassociate the mega money-making event that is the World Cup, amongst others, from our intentions by getting rid of this most obvious example of treating the fans as nothing but consumers - not that being a fan is all too different from being one..haha.

The best way to get the masses to fall victim to all the strategies that spew from our ingenious profit-generation and regeneration department is to enable them to ‘value by association’. The ads flanking the football pitch; those that adorn stadiums; or even the jerseys of ball-kickers; their being paid millions and thus impressing upon all that the brands they sport must be of much value as well; et cetera, are subtly kept apart from the fans and thus maintain the masses belief in their own individuality and independence, and thus leads them to believe that the choices they make are their own. But to embed our advertisements amongst them through the aforementioned instance of ‘ambush marketing’ is to blaspheme against the independence of the fan and the sacredness of the event.

The fan looking beside and seeing a human billboard casts the whole event as nothing but a money-making event wherein s/he is nothing but a consumer. If the congregation of fans is tainted with human billboards, it compromises the sacredness of the event which we all thrive from through the international division it creates, our continued subjugation and use of the thus fragmented international working class, and our socialisation of them as nothing but self-serving consumers That’s like attending Sunday mass with Hitler. It would require either the eviction of the latter to maintain the sacredness of the mass, or cause one to leave the congregation to maintain the sacredness of oneself.

So, with regards to our ejecting the 36 young chicks from the stands, we have actually undertaken to do so to protect yours and the interests of all corporations and the global elite. The last thing we need is this instance of ‘ambush marketing’ leading the masses to question after all the ads that saturate their subconscious minds in all facets of life - we’ll leave that to academics whom are discounted by the global unthinking consumer we have produced as ‘psychobabblers’ and ‘know-it-alls’....haha. By ejecting these human billboards, we are in fact disassociating, or rendering subtle enough to ignore, that this whole ‘world cup’ thing is just another means by which we can generate profit, and maintain our hold over a thus divided humanity.

Yours sincerely,



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