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UK G.E. 2010: Whom elected the Lib Dems as the Prince Regent?

It’s quite a ridiculous situation.

Now the Lib Dems, with the least number of seats compared to Conservative and Labour, are going to be deciding if the Conservatives or Labour will be a significant force in the new government as they have the numbers to add on to either party for them to claim a majority - though Labour would have to pull in a few supporters from the other parties to do so I suppose.  Constitutionally, it is Gordon Brown’s right, as the incumbent PM, to form a government within a hung parliament. But it is Lib-Dem which decides?

On the other hand, if a coalition is formed between two of the top 3 parties, aren’t most of those whom voted represented? Well, we could assume that the electorate is saying, ‘we put our people in to rule, and not to compromise’.

Of course, if the Conservatives just form a minority government, (given that they have the majority of votes but not enough to occupy 51% of the seats in parliament) the party with the most votes would be in power, and democracy might be deemed to be done, if not realised. This, of course, makes it difficult for them to pass any laws with a clear 51% majority and compromises may have to be made in order to gain the support of the members of other parties.

But what happens if that is the case.  Would these members of other parties have the final say in how the country is administered - just as in the case of the Lib Dems determining which party comes into power.

Nick Clegg’s deciding which party takes the reins, and in giving the Conservatives first digs at being the government, it is quite the oxymoronic situation.  The fact that the Lib Dems can decide this; and the fact that he decides to see what the Tories have to put on the table prior to meeting with Labour even though Labour has the first right to form a coalition government; and the probability that he’s doing this so that Labour might ‘up the ante’ when they meet as this act certainly show either party who’s the real potential boss; just goes to evidentially support the allegation that it is the small person who’s going to be running the government. I’m all for the ‘small person’ running the country if that refers to the ‘you and me’, but when this ‘small person’ refers to the party with the least number of seats and votes out of the top three parties, then, perhaps, what we have here is simply a reason to call for another elections.



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