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Time for another bout of racist Singapore Blog Awards

Well, well, I’ve often said that there is no reasoning with Confucians. They are going to do exactly what caters to their self-interest or that which they are accustomed to - unless the order comes from top-down, is the fashion of the day, or there is a long queue for them to get behind. That comes with the combination of top-down oppression/suppression, monoculturalism, traditionalism, and all of which, breeds self-absorption, bigotry, and a penchant for the obvious as opposed to the detail.

So the racist SG blogwards has started again - supported by Singapore Press Holdings and Bloggers. Singapore started off as a Malay state, than moved on to being a multicultural one, and now.....

I’ll let the picture above do the talking.

This, by the way, is an indictment of the people for not taking issue with that which excludes and underdevelops everyone except the 'we are majority what!'. Quite childish isn't it. I suppose it is quite nice to be able to blame the government for everything and not notice the degree to which the evils that come from atop has been internalised amongst most of the population. Don’t forget to notice ‘blogger’ and ‘opposition’ silence on this, whilst many amongst them, some of whom claim to be ‘democrats’, will be happily preparing for it, completely unawares that their oversights cast serious doubt on their egalitarian spirit. You see, in Singapore, being a 'democrat' and an 'egalitarian' means two different things. They overlap, but that which falls out of this overlap is that which argues for their being nothing more than 'fascist democrats'. Well, this is just one amongst a multitude of other exclusionist approaches in singapore’s ‘multicultural’ milieu that generally goes unnoticed by the perspectivally medieval people of singapore. Same thing last year. Let’s see whether there is any change this year.

I've said quite a bit about it last year, and hence, will leave the reader with the following link, if s/he cares to peruse it, even if it probably wouldn't cater to her/is interests.

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