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SDP sends congrats to Clegg? Does Chee know what he's doing?

The following comment on the matter was placed at Ng E-Jay's site.

"Does Chee know what he's doing? Or perhaps he's just seeking international recognition. Then again, i don't blame him. With increasing recognition, perhaps he might be able to slowly get international attention on singaporean matters. But then again, the SDP isn't really representative and tends to reflect the monocultural perspective of the ruling party. Anyway, that's not the point here.

Does Chee not realise that democracy has been quite severely compromised with the formation of this coalition? I too voted in this election, and for labour, but am appalled that the party which got the second highest votes had to make way for the Lib Dems who came in third, and the latter of which, incidentally, decided which party comprised the coalition."

As I've stated quite a few times in past observations, the singaporean opposition are nothing more than 'fascist democrats' seeking to maintain and increase the advantages of the previously advantaged ('racially' speaking). Hence, i'm not surprised that they, and Chee, would miss the above point given that their democratic perspective is quite out of order. Thus, I thought the title, 'Democrats congratulate Clegg and Aquino' put out by SDP minions to be quite laughable given the contradiction - i.e. if you're a 'democrat', then why congratulate an anti-democratic achievement? For people to recognise the singaporean 'opposition' as democratic, and for Chee to receive awards for his exploits, it can only be because of global ignorance on singaporean matters.

Anyway, in mitigation, 'Dr' Chee is a doctor in neuropsychology and this, therefore, reflects little on his doctorate being of significant value when it comes to his political perspectives. But, I suppose, the relatively less educated populating the 'opposition' need some entitled or knighted-by-prominence-and-arrest-record bloke to look up to so that they can do the confucian thing and mindlessly play follow-the-leader. And, I suppose, their publicising their dispatch of brown-noses to Clegg might give the impression that they have enough stature to do so and hence garner more support amongst a people bred to value prominence as opposed to insight.

Vanessa (vanessa neo, a member of the a2ed team) said some time ago that the greatest achievement of the ruling party in singapore is in producing an 'opposition' that is not dissimilar to themselves.


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