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Latest [UK]: Take Back Parliament! movement hits clost to 17, 000 in 2 days!

The following is an email received from Take Back Parliament.

"Remarkable - our movement has brought in over 15,000 people (ed - 16,553 as of this minute) in just 36 hours.

This afternoon we're expecting you - and lots of others, including Billy Bragg - in Trafalgar Square to help us Take Back Parliament.

Make sure you bring your friends - and a camera.

Tweet your photos live from the event using the #takeitback hashtag. You can also upload photos directly from the event to our Facebook page:

The people have spoken. Today we demand that the politicians listen.

See you in a few hours.

Mark Ross"

Great job indeed. V and I will certainly be there.

related article : UK G.E. 2010: Whom elected the Lib Dems as the Prince Regent?



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