UK G.E. 2010: I suppose it has to be Labour

Initially, I had thought, that I would go Lib-Dem as the only parties standing for elections in Harlow, Essex (which i’m aware of) are Labour (sell-outs!), Conservative (bugger!), Liberal-Democrat (fart!), UKIP (ugh!), BNP (puke!). Wish we had the likes of the TUSC, Respect, or the CPB standing for elections here. But, Tinkerbell, with the wave of a wand, hath decided otherwise.

So, whilst in discussion with Vanessa (Chinese girl from singapore) last night, who is also voting in the elections, and had clearly stated to a American counterparts that she would not be able to join in the conference call tonight, ‘because I have to vote in the General Elections’, I told her about a possible reversal in my earlier stance.

If ‘labour’, which in an earlier observation I had termed ‘labor’ (according to how the ‘champions of capitalism’ from across the straits of the Atlantic might spell it), are ‘left’, and the Lib-Dems are just off-centre on the left, then a hung parliament where both have to compromise might see Labour meeting halfway with the Lib-Dems and become more right than otherwise. And if Labour was to win the next elections with a clear majority, they might carry on with their more right stance and perhaps even cause a shift of the centre more to the right. So, I said, if we were to vote ‘labour’, even if they are pretty ‘labor’, they can continue to be as left as they are currently without compromise.

But, as I stated to the girl personing (I don’t think ‘manning’ would be an inclusive term to use) the Socialist Workers Party stall in Trafalgar Square on May Day, and who stated that she would vote Labour if there were no other Socialist alternatives in our area, “if we were to vote Labor, I mean Labour, would we not be validating the current ‘pretty right’ stance of the party, and thus reinforcing them? And given that Labour can only do so much for the workers in view of its having to pander to the interests of the global elite, and people doing their best to get through such a situation, would they not be both validated to continue along their well-trudged path and not consider alternatives with the passage of time?” She couldn’t answer that point, and neither could I.

But that’s the problem isn’t it. When our overlords do the best that they can do given the direction they are oriented toward, the path between elections becomes little more than a challenge to the masses to do the best that they can do to compensate for being deprived of their dues. And hence, the greater the success with which these compensatory attempts are met with, the more their ‘overlords’ will seem to be representative of what they will thus become.

So, with this in mind, I can’t say that I have much of a choice but to go Labour. Not because I believe that they are truly representative of the masses, or are internationalist as all good Reds ought to be, but to ensure that they don’t swing more right than they currently are in an effort to compromise with the Lib-Dems or Conservatives in a ‘hung parliament’. I believe that we have to maintain the current stance of the Labour party whilst we work on the ground to strengthen relatively true Socialist alternatives from the street-level up. Such movements can serve to hold back the rightist inclinations of the Labour party. But if we allow Labour to go more right through compromise within a said ‘hung parliament’, which, in truth, wouldn’t be a ‘hung’ one, but one where Labour would be outnumbered by the more right-inclined Lib-Dems and Conservatives, and people are gradually shifted to the right through their compensatory efforts to make do with that in varying degrees, than the appeal of other relatively Socialist alternatives might lose more ground and might seek to compromise with the more right stance of all the major parties.

Well, that’s my current stance, and which might change along the path to the next elections, but it certainly won’t be because i’ve mutated to be more right in efforts to do my best within a not too good situation. There’s still 6 hours to go before i’ll be casting the vote, maybe more counter-arguments to the above might come to mind. I know not. But, for now, albeit with reservations, i’m going with Labour.